10 Invalid Excuses to be on the Leaderboard

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by CrossFit Jaguar

1) “I started the WOD at RX, but those cleans got heavy on the round of 15 so I dropped to 95 for the round of 9. But I did all the handstand push-ups! That counts, right?”

2) “I wasn’t counting my reps per say, but I was hanging with Tom the whole WOD, so I’m pretty close to his rep count. Tom’s the guy in the yellow shirt, right?”

3) “So what if my chest didn’t always touch the bar? It was like an inch away!”

4) “I couldn’t swing the 70 pound kettlebell so I used a 53 pound kettlebell made the front squats heavier so it would all even out.”

5) “I had to leave early to pick up the couch I ordered on craigslist, so I didn’t do the full 10 minute AMRAP, but I did 5 minutes at RX. I was on pace for 8 rounds!”

6) “Yeah, that’s my time! Fred and Anthony were watching me the whole time. I mean they didn’t count my reps but they saw the clock when I yelled ‘time!”

7) If it hadn’t been raining, I would’ve been able to do more pull-ups, so that’s the score I would have gotten.”

8) “Coach Dave was too strict. He didn’t count some of my reps and they were totally legit. He just doesn’t want me to beat his time.”

9) “I didn’t see my time when I finished, but I think I was on the ground for like a minute so I’ll just take one minute off the time I saw when I looked up.”

10) “Katie’s back squat went up 20 pounds and we’ve been coming to all the same classes, so mine should also have gone up 20 pounds. At least 20.”

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