10 Fitness Tips That Will Change the Way You Work Out

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Are you sick and tired of the same routine? Do you want to change your body without losing your mind? Try one or more of the following 10 fitness tips and revolutionize the way that you work out!

#1: Buy Good-Quality Footwear
Think that those discount sneakers will protect your feet? We wouldn’t guarantee it. The last thing you need is to be laid up with plantar fasciitis or a fallen arch. Spend a little more and get solid workout gear.

#2: Stop Weighing Yourself Every Five Seconds
We’re serious. Get off the scale and out of the “numbers game”. If your every mood depends on what the scale says, you can never fully enjoy a workout, because you’ll always be trying to lose more pounds rather than celebrate how amazing your body is becoming!

#3: Plan for Some Cheating
You’ve been craving chocolate for three days? Give in, already! Just don’t overdo it. Have some chocolate froyo or a small piece of really expensive stuff. You won’t kill your body, and it won’t be weighing on your mind when you should be focusing on reps. Remember that a cheat is a small indulgence for when you really need it. Keep your diet as clean as possible with as many organic veggies, fruits and lean proteins as possible!

#4: Stick with Water
We know it’s tempting to grab a diet soda, a lite latte or some other tasty drink post-workout, but they are not what your body needs. Start drinking water all the time, and you’re bound to see results.

#5: Allow Yourself to Have Fun
If exercise is all about boredom and exhaustion, you won’t stick with it for long. Give yourself permission to have fun! Laugh, exercise with a friend, try something different – we suggest one of those Tough Mudder competitions. You’ll break up your routine and feel like you’re playing, not working.

#6: Download Fitness Apps to Track Your Progress
We love having apps like Runkeeper on our smart phones! Not only do they chart your progress, but they can tell the world about your accomplishments by hooking up to your social media accounts.

#7: Stop Reading Celebrity Weight Loss “Fitness” Stories
Guess what? All those celebs have a nasty habit of starving themselves and undergoing fitness regimens that are anything but healthy. Unless you know the celeb personally and can vouch for the validity of their training and nutrition methods, never try to emulate their “success”. You’ll just make yourself sick or hinder your progress.

#8: Fuel Your Body
This tip goes along with #7 above. You can’t complete your CrossFit routine at top levels if you’re so hungry that you feel like you could eat a yoga mat. Keep yourself hydrated and fed; otherwise, you’ll just hit the wall.

#9: Take Some Downtime Now and Then
Are you the type who goes, goes, goes? You need to give your body some kind of a break. Take a week off every four to six months. This doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, but scale back on the intensity. You’ll be rewarded with an energized body when you return to your usual activities. Additionally, this will give you time to work on an activity you’ve been putting off. By taking a week off from the box, you might find you have the time to install that new water heater that your wife has been asking about, or meet your buddies out for Wednesday Happy Hour.

#10: Periodically Learn a New Workout or Sport
Okay, maybe you’ll never become a racquetball champion, but if you’ve never played before, you should really give it a try! The same goes for activities such as hot yoga, indoor rock climbing, curling, fencing and judo. The point is to use new muscles and give yourself something interesting to engage your mind. Plus, who knows? You might just discover that you love your newfound workout!
Never underestimate the value of fitness tips like these. You can always learn and grow, and that will just make you stronger!

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