10 Reasons Why CrossFit Makes You a Better Employee

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10 Reasons Why CrossFit Makes You a Better Employee

The usual lifestyle habits of most dedicated CrossFitters make us a healthy and resilient bunch.
I was in a job interview the other day, talking through my skills and strengths, doing my best to sell myself as a hard worker who would fit into the team. After going through various questions, the interviewer suddenly says, “And I see you do CrossFit?” “Oh, yes!” I beam, with that unbridled enthusiasm common to most CrossFitters. I’d forgotten that I’d slipped in “CrossFit L1 instructor” at the top of my list of qualifications (obviously where it belongs). As it turned out, my interviewer also did CrossFit, and he proceeded to tell me (also with that unbridled enthusiasm) about how it had changed his life. Ten minutes later, I walked out with a job and having promised them that we’d all be doing lunges down the hallways by the end of my first week. Of course, I wasn’t hired just because my new boss also did CrossFit, but because he knows that CrossFitters make good employees. Here’s why:

1. Doing CrossFit makes you generally awesome.

Ok, that one’s a joke. Kind of.

2. It helps you make connections in the office.

We’ve all heard the joke: “How do you know if someone does CrossFit? They’ll tell you.” Well, let’s be honest, this is quite true – I even got it on my CV, for Pete’s sake!  Discovering that you have a hobby in common with someone at work, especially one as widespread and popular as CrossFit, makes it much easier to start conversations and create connections with colleagues. You’ll be regarded as a better employee because you’ll quickly integrate yourself in to your new team.

3. You’ll take fewer sick days.*

You’ll take fewer sick days
The usual lifestyle habits of most dedicated CrossFitters make us a healthy and resilient bunch. A healthy diet, probably with a Paleo lean, increases immunity and energy levels. Regular exercise also strengthens our immune system, as well as our overall physical strength, making us less susceptible to workplace viruses and injuries.

Ever noticed that everyone seems to get sick at least once during the winter but you just cruise on through? That’s thanks to your healthy choices.
Your colleagues may snigger as you munch on kale chips, nut mixes and down yet another tuna salad, but you’ll know that they’ll be the next ones to take a sick day.

*This applies to anybody dedicated to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

4. You’re productive throughout the day.

Continuing on from point #3 – our healthy lifestyle means that there are no 3pm funks for us as we’re well-fueled throughout the day. We manage our energy levels well. Our regular meals provide us with good sources of energy, so instead of heading to the café for some chocolate at 3pm, we’ll just keep ploughing on through.

5. You’ve got mental strength.

You’ve got mental strength

Making progress as a CrossFit athlete…requires hard work and dedication. You know that you get out what you put in.
Not just anybody has the mental strength to slog through session after session of killer workouts rotating through exercises like burpees, wall balls, thrusters and toes to bar. When faced with something challenging at work – a busy shift, a heated meeting or a complicated matter to resolve – a CrossFitter will know how to approach the issue. You’ll break it down into manageable chunks, getting through it bit by bit, knowing that you can do it; you just have to persevere.

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