10 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Start Practicing Yoga

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9) Yoga builds community

Yoga builds community
CrossFit is all about community, and so is yoga. Anytime you bring people together with a common focus or goal, those people will feel connected to each other. The root of the word yoga in Sanskrit is “Yug,” which means to yoke, join together, or connect. The essence of yoga is the concept that if we connect deeper to ourselves, our bodies, our breath, and the present moment then we ultimately will connect more deeply to one another.

10) Yoga is fun!

Yoga is fun!
In my yoga classes (and not just CrossFit yoga classes), I play Macklemore, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, and Nina Simone. I tell stories about how big Hanuman’s (yoga monkey gods) quads were and how much he needed to lift to get triceps big enough to fight evil yogi invaders. I bring donuts and we drink coffee, wine, mimosas, and accept the occasional sushi donation from our local Japanese restaurant. We laugh, playfully make fun of each other, breathe together, and say “Namaste Bitches.” I sing, sometimes we dance even though that’s so totally weird, and we enjoy our lives, because what the hell else are we supposed to do?

Seriously. Just do yoga already. It will improve your CrossFit training, make your outlook on life a bit more positive, and could potentially even transform you into a better person. So…Namaste, bitches.


Debbie Steingesser was introduced to gymnastics and dance before she was able to walk. Her boundless enthusiasm for movement guided her on a path of studying and performing jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip-hop, and West African dance. When she was 16 years old, Debbie was introduced to yoga as a way of cooling down at the end of vigorous dance classes. She never looked back.

In 2011, Debbie discovered CrossFit at her good friend’s gym, CrossFit H2O in Medford, MA. Immediately after her first workout, she was hooked.  CrossFit combines her love of dynamic movement found in dance with a strong foundation of form and alignment found in yoga. She was thrilled to begin training at the legendary San Francisco CrossFit. Debbie is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and has completed Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility Course.

Debbie holds her Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher certification at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance and presently teaches extensively in San Francisco and around the world. She was named one of the Top Yoga Teachers in the Bay Area by Common Ground Magazine in 2008 and has been a featured presenter at Yoga Reaches Out, Bhakti Fest, and various International retreats and trainings. She has completed yoga certifications in Power Vinyasa with Baron Baptiste, Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage with Saul David Raye, Anatomy with Denise Kaufman, and Sequencing with Seane Corn. Currently, she is an ambassador for lululemon athletica, Manduka mats, and MeSheeky clothing.

Debbie’s mission is to guide individuals towards a deeper sense of strength, balance, and personal power through yoga and movement. Her classes are fun, challenging, and open to all experience levels.

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