10 Times It’s Blatantly Obvious You’re A Runner & Shouldn’t Be At The Gym

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Are you a running fanatic? Have you been trying to give the gym a try? Chances are the people around you have pegged you as a runner and you feel a bit out of place in the whole gym setting.

Here are ten ways people are sure to pick you out as a pavement pounder and what you can do to assimilate a bit more – and take advantage of the many benefits a gym has to offer you.

  1. You hoard the treadmill. Other people are waiting for a treadmill. Others around you are getting off while you are just getting started. But you ain’t getting off till you are good and tired.
  2. You don’t give the courtesy wipe down after you’re done with the treadmill. Since you are used to running outdoors you don’t care where your sweat goes. But the person who hops on after you sure does…bring a towel and use it!
  3. You use the elliptical like you are punishing it for personal transgressions against you. You’ve decided to try another cardio machine…great! But do you have to crank back the ski poles like you are avenging your dead family?
  4. You can hardly lift a 10 pound weight with your arms but can squat a bus. Yes, fellow gym goers are going to notice your weak arms. But their jaws will hit the floor when they see you doing leg presses.
  5. You only show up when the weather outside sucks. Sunshine? Light drizzle? A bit of snow? You aren’t bothering with the gym today! But when the weather turns bad everyone who works at the gym down the street knows you will be there.
  6. You overdress in your best running gear. You bought it, you are going to wear it…all of it.
  7. You seem to be in a race no one else knows they are running. The person next to you has no idea that you are using their pithy sprint as motivation to with the race they don’t know you guys are running.
  8. Your warm ups and cool downs are pretty much non-existent. Breath in, breath out, quick stretch and you are off! Anyone who runs a lot has skimped out on their warm ups and even more on their cool downs.
  9. You treat every day like upper body day. We get it, your legs are god-like thanks to your running routine. But building muscle unevenly can lead to injury, so try a leg day once a week.
  10. You would marry the foam rollers, if you could. Though you aren’t a gym regular, other gym goers know not to use the foam roller while you’re there. You spend the majority of your visit on that thing. You know it is true.

Kevin Jones has mastered a busy lifestyle with work and fitness combined with family life. He writes offering solutions for personal fitness and time management as well as keeping families fit together by utilizing activities and diet. You can read more of Kevin’s writings by connecting with him online; LinkedInTwitter

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