10 Tips To Protect Oneself From An Accident

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With the advancement of things, we now have multiple ways to travel may they be by land, sea or air. However, land travel is the most common and the cheapest amongst the three. Land travel is the most common amongst the three with multiple options. Land travel comes with its own challenges and statistics say that traveling by car is the mode of transportation with the highest number of accidents.

Unless we’re a hermit or we live in someone remote area where we have everything in our property then there is no way for us to avoid cars whether we are the one driving it or simply one of the passengers. However, there are ways for us to protect ourselves from an accident.

Avoid Car Failure

As a car owner, we should be vigilant with our car’s maintenance in order to avoid car trouble that may lead to an accident due to faulty parts.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid getting distracted may it be from the gadgets we are using especially, non-essential use, talking to our passengers or even just thinking about something else and not having our presence of mind at the task on hand.

Have A Clear Mind

Like alcohol and drugs, there are certain medications that affect our brain functions as well as motor skills. Equally as worse if not worse than driving under the influence is driving when we are sleepy because if we fall asleep on the wheel that’s it! We are simply oblivious to what is about to happen and have no chance at all to react to even try to avoid or minimize the damage.

Have Insurance Policy

The insurance policy, in this case, is both literal and figurative. Figuratively, wearing a seatbelt is our insurance in minimizing the damage that our body may incur when getting into an accident. It prevents our body from getting thrown around like a ragdoll. Literally, having an insurance policy protects us from the bills that we may end up facing.

The above things mentioned are things we can do before getting into an accident. However, when an accident has already transpired then certain things need to be done in an orderly manner.

Secure The Area

Protect the area and make it safe from further accidents to avoid further damage or injuries.

Check For Injuries

Check oneself for injuries first, then make sure none of our companions is seriously hurt before making sure that no one from the other party is seriously injured.


Contact authorities for help. Get help for the injured as well as help for reporting the accident that just happened.


Take as many photos as possible from all angles when it is safe to do. Take of photos not only of the vehicles involved but of also of surrounding areas as they may contain vital information

Collect Data

Collect information of the other party involved. Take note of their car make and model, driver’s information, names of passengers and insurance policy information. Also, collect contact information of witnesses.

Do Not Sign

Do not sign anything other than for the police report when asked by the police.  Never agree to anything wrongdoing on our part.

Most importantly never sign insurance claim agreement hastily. Most insurance companies will want us to sign as early as possible in order to get away with giving you as little money as possible. The problem with this is that some injuries like a knee injury will take time to fully manifest and get diagnosed properly. In fact, it’s not going to get diagnosed in an emergency room. Internal surgeries such as this require surgical intervention to get fixed and if we have signed away your claim rights then we will end up having to pay for this ourselves.


If we suspect we may have incurred a more serious injury from an accident than we originally thought, then it is best that we contact a specialist like a knee and leg injury lawyers for help in dealing with the problem at hand.

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