14.1 quick tips

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So 14.1 is quite the couplet 10 min amrap of 30 double unders and 15 snatches #75/55# with the potential for scoring a large amount of reps. Depending on what kind of athlete you are this may or may not be your wheelhouse anaerobic power movement with a component of aerobic capacity.

Pre game: Day before.
I generally suggest people do some small version of the wod if possible on a percentage based system. For instance this is a 10 min workout so for example here i will use 60%.
6 min amrap
18 double unders
9 snatches

This will give you enough feel metabolically for what you will face the next day and also set you up for how you want to warm up the day of.

Game Day:
A. Mobility: Make sure your quads and calves are ready to go, then your shoulders. and of course your lower back as it will get fatigued with so many snatches.
B. Warm up: Now that you have some feeling of how the 14.1 feels from your trial workout from the previous day. You should know how the warm up should go. You want to briefly get your heart rate slowly, 60%, 70% 80% of rowing or air dyne. for a total of at least half the time of the workout. Plus 50% of at least 1 round of the workout at 90% pace. This will get you going without taxing you to much and your body won’t be in shock once you get started.

C. Movement efficiency:
Double unders: Be as calm as possible and the focus should be on rhythmic breathing and calmness. Don’t try to rush into the movement. Once you are done with the double unders calmly lay your rope down, as you don’t want to fight with untangling it the next round.

B2. Snatches: This is the area where most people can fall apart especially if your back gets hot quick. Make sure you set up with a nice flat back and segment the movement a bit and create a rhythm. When picking the bar off the ground go through your snatch motion fluidly, without muscling it. Muscling the weight always takes more energy. On your way down touch your thigh quickly in order to reset your back.

Last but not least Try to make a goal for what to stick with during the wod. whether it be sticking to unbroken snatches for as long as possible or breaking them up into 5’s right away. Try to stick to this plan but be willing to adjust on the fly.

With that being said good luck and be safe.

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