The 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games

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The 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games
The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games are upon us. Hooray! The interwebs will be ablaze with bandwidth vampires streaming the feed from Carson, CA from now until Sunday. Want to make the most of your Fittest Person On Earth viewing experience? Let me present to you the 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games WOD!

The rules are simple: when the criterion are met, perform the required action. Absolutely no Bro Reps allowed — you must complete according to the movement standards.

The standards – I’m using the term “shot” as my action word. A shot can be, well, a shot… or a sip of beer… or whatever alcoholic beverage you choose. What’s that? It’s not your cheat day and you can’t have any alcohol? Too bad! Suck it up, buttercup! This is the 2014 CrossFit Drinking Games!

You ready?

3… 2… 1… GO!


Nobody wins the warmup. These are intended to hopefully offer some light resistance to prepare the body for the onslaught that is to come.

The Fallen Veterans

The Fallen Veterans
The Reebok Games will be missing a few shining stars this year, especially on the women’s side. Every time Stacie Tovar’s or Sam Briggs’ absence is mentioned, take a shot. Then pour yourself another drink and tip it over for our fallen homies missing from The Games.

Black And Yellow

Have you seen the badass 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Collection for this year? It’s gnarly. It’s black and yellow.

Perhaps someone will comment on the attire color scheme? Anytime you hear “black and yellow,” you must reply with an audible “you know what it is” a la Wiz Khalifa, and then take a shot.

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