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You are not average. You know and I know. Because you are a Crossfitter and we don’t like to be average. We want to be as faster, as stronger and better as we can achieve.
So we train, and we train seriously. Or at least we think we do…but tell me, when was the last time you went into “The zone”?
Wondering what i’m talking about?
The zone
I’m talking about that momento in the WOD you just want to give up, you start wondering why the hell are you doing this because it hurts and you want more tan anything take a breath because you think you are going to die without some fresh air.
But you are not average, you are not going to give up or go easier. You are going to stay, so you push yourself beyond that mental place and keep on going.
And let me tell you this is not easy, you are not going to be in the zone in every WOD you do because it is exhausting…if you have been there, you know what i mean. But it is the workout which is going to make you better than yesterday.
Going beyond
So how do you get there? Glad you ask…you have to want it. You have to really want to push yourself because anyone is going to do it for you, you can do your WOD and go home or you can want to give all you have and feel like “man, i have nothing inside right now”.
If you really want to kill the workout, and i’m not talking about be the faster or the guy who does more reps, but the fact you are giving everything you have to that WOD, then it is all in your mind.
Prepare yourself
Identify the kind of WOD you are going to do: is it about strenght? Cardio? Decide if you have to scale it and if it is about mantaining the pace for complete it or go trhough it as fast as you can.
And stay focus. The very momento the WOD starts (3,2,1..go!) your mind should be empty, just think about the next rep, the next minute. Every other question remains far away from your thoughts . You just focuse on two things: the movement and keep on breathing.
And when you hit the Wall, when you can’t going..now, welcome to the zone. Remember your mind is EVERYTHING and you can go there and further. Just keep on thinking about the next second, the next breath…
In the end, when you finish the WOD in that mental state you feel exhausted, and you feel like you have really trained that day. It is all about mental thoughness.

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