What If Your Shoulder Is Already Injured?

by Dr. Andrew Yaun

Yaun KB

So many actions can be taken to preventing shoulder injuries. We are seeing a lot of band and stability exercises to help mobilize and strengthen the shoulder for all of our functional movements. But what if you are recovering from a shoulder injury? You’ve successfully completed physical therapy and can now function with your daily tasks, so are you ready for kipping pullups? Yikes, probably not. Well there is a missing link to rehabilitation and fitness exercises.

A systematic approach towards each movement is necessary in order to ensure safety and prevention of RE-INJURY. You may not have pain, but there are better methods than trial and error that your body will appreciate. Here is one of MANY movements that helps to bridge the gap between injury and exercise.

This is showing a “Diet Hang“. It is an exercise that I have used in practice after athletes have undergone SURGERY that safely allows them to start the progression to hanging on a pull up bar.


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