3 Main Risks of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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While laser hair removal is seen as a safe procedure, there are risks associated with the treatment. Laser hair removal is usually carried out to a high standard and does not result in any damaging effects, but this is not always the case. It is important to be aware of the potential risks to laser hair removal treatment so you can be well-informed about the process, and understand how to procedure with a legal claim if you are injured as a result of laser hair removal.


1. Short Term Side Effects
Laser hair removal often results in some short term side effects that affect the look of the skin and can cause discomfort. These include swelling and redness in the treated area, minor skin irritation and sensitivity, and skin discolouration. If these effects subside within a few hours or days they can be seen as a normal part of the process. It is unlikely that you would be able to make a personal injury claim for these kinds of effects.

2. Burns From Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal burns are the most common serious danger associated with the treatment. These happen if the skin absorbs the energy from the laser and not the hair follicle. It is more likely that a burn will occur if you have darker skin, although the procedure should still be safe for dark skin. Serious burns cases occur when the clinician is not experienced or skilled in the procedure. Since laser hair removal is not regulated it can be extremely difficult to know whether a practitioner is indeed professional.

3. Changes in Skin Tone
Sometimes you may experience unwanted pigmentation of the skin. Your skin may end up lighter or darker. It is sometimes but not always possible to reverse these pigmentation effects, and you may be able to claim for compensation if the effects are severe.

The number of laser burn claims is increasing, and it is important that you research the credentials of the clinician before you visit. Check that they have the correct training and check reviews to see if they are respected and reliable. The clinician should make you aware of any potential side effects and also discuss the probability of success depending on your skin type and personal circumstances. Make sure that the correct procedures are followed and if you have any doubts about any part of the treatment, stop. You are within your rights to halt treatment at any point. If you do suffer a burn or a serious injury, consult a personal injury lawyer specialising in cosmetic damages claims.

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