4 Active Ways to Get Fit During the Summer Months

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Do you wish to look your best this summer? Perhaps you’d like to fit better into the latest fashions or look snazzy in your swimsuit? It’s always easier to lose a few pounds if you’re doing something active that’s also fun, rather than just running on a treadmill to nowhere.

Here are 4 active ways to get ready for summer.

Paddle Boarding

Anyone who likes the idea of surfing but finds it a bit intimidating is likely to enjoy paddle boarding. Unlike with surfing, catching waves is not necessary to have a great time. In fact, the opposite is true. Making your way to the relatively calm waters of a distant (or nearby) lake is ideal for paddle boarding because paddling while standing up works better in calmer waters anyway. Improving fitness is virtually guaranteed with better upper body strength too.

Pick out the right paddle board for you and learn some tips by visiting the Just Paddleboard website. There are many interesting articles about paddle boarding, including an interesting one describing how you can combine yoga with riding on the board.


Yoga is not thought of as a form of exercise to get fit. However, anyone who’s tried it quickly realizes once having moved into and out of a few positions how challenging yoga can be. There are now many variations on the original yoga practice, like hot yoga, but the original is still just as good as ever.

If you’re a beginner, then it’s best to start with learning some beginner’s poses. Once a few poses have been mastered, you’ll know how to move into a pose and smoothly transition to the next pose without difficulty. Just holding a pose gets increasingly difficult and newbies are surprised to find that they’ve worked up quite a sweat without even doing hot yoga! Excellent for overall fitness, it’s also good for the joints, overall flexibility and functional fitness due to the extended range of motion.

Walking & Hiking Trails

Walking in the park or hiking on local trails if you live in a suitable area is an ideal way to knock a few pounds off before summer fully hits us. There are many mobile apps that help you find local trails or hikes to go on, track your progress using GPS, and share the experience with others. People who use the same app can take photos and leave them for future hikers to see. Some photos help avoid obstacles along the route while others are more scenic in nature.

Some of the best apps for hiking include AllTrails (free on iOS and Android), MapMyHike (free on iOS and Android), and PeakFinder (Premium for iOS and Android).


Swimming is a great way to tone up a wide range of muscles once most of the fat has been shed. It’s not brilliant at weight loss because most people float too high in the water to get as strong of an aerobic workout from it. However, it is still better than walking for a calorie burn and is excellent for functional fitness due to the many muscle groups used through different swim strokes.

If you have another activity that you enjoy doing which will get your heart rate up and burning the calories, then try that too. Any activity that gets you moving and burning fat is worth trying if you avoid injury while doing it which would be a setback in your weight loss plans.

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