4 Exercises For The Student Lawyer

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If you have already made it to the point of student lawyer then of course you will want to gain as much expertise as possible before you have to deal with case briefs and other legal tasks. There are a few exercises including getting to know the legal dictionaryto help you get prepared for future assessments so that you can shine over other applicants. Most firms have application days in different formats and structures however the basis of the forms are pretty much the same. Knowing what to expect will help you to prepare so nothing takes you by surprise.

The assessment days usually have included tests to see how you manage in groups, in a one on one interview as well as aptitude tests and possibly a presentation. These tests will help ascertain how commercially aware you are and your legal knowledge so be sure to swat up on your legal dictionary terminology so that you are ready for it.

Knowing what to expect can help you to prepare for questions about case briefs and legal terminology however there are differences between companies. The best way to prepare is to do some background research so that you can impress them with your knowledge. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the companies key practices as well as any cases that the firm has worked on recently. Also if you can get the information try to source names of any major clients. When you research concentrate on finding out what makes the firm stand out from others because you are likely to be questioned as to why you choose them over their competitors. Find a piece of information you can use that is likely to differ from other applicants. Prepare recently developments in law to show that you are actively keeping abreast of changes and ensure you have swatted up on legal dictionary meanings to impress further.

Group exercises are likely especially those where applicants join separate teams to negotiate a scenario. You may also have to team up to be able to solve a client’s problem so be prepared to do this. By engaging in teamwork before your application day you will be able to gain the necessary skills to work with a group. You should have a few test runs with people from different walks of life to practice at being able to deal with a wide variety of people.

Face to face interview
As well as discussing case briefs and legal dictionary terms you will also need to have a face to face interview. This gives you the opportunity to let them know why you are the right candidate for their firm. Research common questions as well as company history so that you can impress above your competition. Look deeper than the company’s website if you can to show you have really done your research and show off your skills.

The last part of your assessment is likely to be a type of presentation or interview. Your knowledge of the legal dictionary and case briefs will be put to the test. If you are lucky you may be asked to pre-prepare something in advance, but also be aware that some companies dish out tasks on the day so have a few ideas in mind beforehand. No matter how nervous you are it’s important to come across as calm and even if you get asked a question you can’t answer be honest but don’t show your fear. The company will be impressed by you being able to maintain composure in a situation you may not have faced previously even if you do not answer the question correctly.

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