4 Tips to Reduce Health Risk in Men

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Men and women according totoo basic knowledge are different. Their hormonal structures, the things they need to reach optimal health and physiological response to stress are very different. Especially the health concerns that are specifically prone in men such as heart diseases and heart attacks come from nowhere. In New Zealand, prostate cancer and type two diabetes are the number one common registered health issues that attack men from nowhere. These issues create an effect even in other conditions. Issues such as decreased performance, low libido, low energy, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol are some of the issues brought about by the above-named disease attacks in pure men’s health. Therefore, below are some of the tips that can be used to reduce the health risks in men.


Blood Sugar Levels Stability
This is the first most important tip that men should focus on. Due to the increased risk of type two diabetes, this becomes particularly vital. For managing insulin production and managing it and reversing or preventing type two diabetes stabilizing blood sugar levels is very critical. Being on a blood sugar roller-coaster you know that people feel ravenous and have the urge to take meals spontaneously all the time. This cycle repeats itself and thus when too much sugar or carbohydrates meals are ingested in the body unstable blood sugar levels arise. Therefore it is very important that you understand how to balance your blood sugar levels since it is one of the most critical things in our body.

Exercising in men is important basically for these two reasons: improving the hormonal balance and also improving the functioning of their liver. Exercises allow the liver to release some of the stored glycogen and fats since it clears it by removing fats and sugars out of the bloodstream. This, therefore, stabilizes blood sugar because of decreased insulin production and also assists in cardiovascular diabetes and diseases since it frees up space.

Tracing Minerals
Supporting male health with trace minerals such as selenium is the next important tip. Selenium supplementation testing against a control group after 8 years showed that participants taking Selenium had half the incidence of lung cancers and bowels while a 60% prostate cancer reduction rate according to the study conducted. Moreover, the Brazil nuts are the best dietary source of selenium.

Gluten Avoidance
For pure men’s health people should be recommended from shying away from Gluten foods since they are pro-inflammatory. The production of aprotein called zonulin in everyone is stimulated by the consumption of gluten. The only known regulator of the tight junctions between the cell walls of the digestive tract currently is zonulin. It loosens these tight junctions and as we know the walls of the digestive tract are meant to serve as a barrier between the outside world and us. Therefore, undigested food particles and other inflammatory particles are allowed to surpass into the bloodstream, a condition termed as leaky gut syndrome. The problem within chronic inflammation with the body is because of the link between heart diseases and inflammation in pure men’s health.

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