5 Effective Habits to Lose Weight

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Are you overweight and desperately trying to bring back your earlier days when you were slim? If yes, then here are some simple steps of changing your habits which do not fall hard on you to follow, but gives you the “right” feeling the moment you pick them.

Why Habits?

Before we become dependent on medicines or costly medical treatments to remove the excessive mass in our body, it is important to remember that overweight isn’t an accident that could be cured the way it can be done to wounds or to any disease. It is the way our metabolism that got developed over the time because of our lifestyle. It is very much likely, that we grow the same fat again and again, if we are following the same lifestyle, after stopping those medicines, or sometimes after a liposuction treatment. Even the doctors would prescribe you a strict diet and routine to follow, if you take medical help, and so, you end up following these remedies anyway. Remembering the old proverb “prevention is better than cure”, opting for these habitsof your own can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

Let us take a different approach to this issue and set things right before time slips away from our hand.

1. Change the Way You Walk

Walking is a natural physical exercise that doesn’t take that extra an effort, but in return it gives you loads of benefits. But reluctance comes, if you make a big deal about it, bysetting up too high goals to follow. If you are unable to fix up a time for walking alone, you can easily incorporate a pleasure walk, while going or coming back from certain destinations. Skip your vehicles and take a small walk to the regular places, you visit. Taking a walk back home would also give you ample time to think.

2. Try Lesser Sugar Intake

Life should be sweet, we all crave for Sweet Dreams, we all agree. But both could be closer to reality, if we start taking lesser sugar than we used to take earlier. First, try starting with taking no more “heap-full of sugar” in your cup of tea or coffee. Try to go to the next stage by cutting it half the amount you are taking now. Avoid drinks and food that are too sugary. Fruit juices are better alternatives.

3. Replace Junk Food with Tasty Proteins

The best way to walk towards a slimmer you is, not trying to punish yourself with starvation and asking yourself too hard to leave your delicious snack. Change the menu instead. Look for tastier protein snacks rather than carbohydrates. A junky Pizza would definitely taste less than a spicy chicken leg piece.

4. Stop Eating Directly from Packets
Another habit which most of us have picked up unconsciously, is eating straight from the packets of those alluring packaged food. We snatch away from each other and tend to eat more than we really need. We need to change this and take our share of snacks in a plate, so that the amount doesn’t exceed the limit. That way we save on our food too.

5. Water Makes Our Life Lighter
The more we stay close to water, the more we live a lightweight life. So, try to be in touch of water as much as you can. Drink a full glass of water, instead of one or two sips. Prefer swimming over other workout techniques. Replace the consumption of soft drinks with water as many times as possible.

Winding Thoughts

Those who are slowing down in their regular activities because of overweight issue, taking up a huge plunge like joining gyms might apparently look quite promising. But the irony is, overweight people tend to have a naturally sluggish lifestyle. And with such lifestyle,one soon finds it “not feasible” to continue the rigor of gyms much longer. There are numerous instances where they leave it after a few days giving all possible excuses and end up gaining more weight than before. So, if you are really concerned with your weight issue, you need to treat it with a friendly attitude, with replacements, rewards, and a little bit of consciousness. These methods might not give you an hour glass figure in a fortnight, but once you start the process with enough room for comfort and fun, your journey to the right track begins.

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