5 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your Crossfit Training

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A highly competitive fitness sport incorporating exertion exercise philosophy, Crossfit is more than just an American sporting and fitness event. It’s a worldwide pastime. Crossfit’s girevoy sport, high-intensity training, power lifting, strongman, weightlifting, gymnastics etc., have all types of participants including women. As strenuous and physically demanding as Crossfit is, you mustn’t let your hair interfere with the workout.

If the hair is let loose it can impede your sight and most painful accidents could occur. Combing your hair into a sleek, beautiful and charming hairdo leaves you looking great and striking. To engage in Crossfit without the risk of an accident caused by your hair here are five practical hairstyles to try.


French braids
Apart from looking good the hair should also be held in place. French braids help accomplish both. This can be a single French braid or a double braid. From the forehead all the way to the neck’s nape, part the hair down the middle. With both sides parted, start French braiding on either side, right from the top of the head. As you move down the hair ensure the braids are as taut as possible. Around the nape do a typical braiding of hair before securing using an accessory such as an elastic band. Do the same on the other parted hair and secure with elastic.


Wispy Knot
Flyaway hair can clog your vision and lead to a serious accident. A wispy knot can help with this. Start by prepping the hair using a thickening tonic before blow-drying it straight. At the nape pull the hair into a ponytail and secure using some elastic accessory. Hold the ponytail’s end, pulling the hair up atop the base and create a loop. Using another elastic secure it a few centimeters from the periphery. While holding the other end, loop the hair about the pony’s base securing using elastic. Some hair might fan out but that isn’t much of a problem.


Tight bun
Wearing the hair in a tight bun is a superb Crossfit hairdo. Begin by parting the hair around the middle from the forehead as you move towards the nape. Twist one side of the hair towards the back. Keep the twist as tight as possible. Before you start the other side, secure the tight twist and do the same for the opposite part. Holding the two sides, go ahead and make a twist. Use elastic to secure the tight bun or bobby pins.

Power braid
The power braid is superb for any Crossfit action or workout anywhere. Ensure the hair has been pulled into a nice ponytail. Wrap elastic a couple of times about the tip. Ensure you’ve divided the ponytail equally in two parts. Go ahead and twist both parts in a clockwise motion towards the tip, concurrently twisting the parts together as you move anti-clockwise. Use elastic to tightly secure the twist. Apply a hair spray until the hold is quite flexible.


High bun
By wrapping the hair in a high ponytail, the hair can be removed off the neck and face uniformly. Gather the hair to the middle of the head as you flip the head in an upside down move. Ensure the sides have been brushed; smooth the sides using a brush with subtle bristles as you go on. Use elastic to secure the hair and a comb with fine teeth to tease the ponytail. Wrap the ends of the ponytail around the elastic already at the base. Use bobby pins to secure the wrap. Some hairspray would do to complete the job for a medium-hold effect.

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