5 Medical Tests That Couples Need to Do before Getting Married

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Finally you have found your soul mate. Congratulation! This is great news. There is nothing happier than to find the true love of your life. Generally, most of the couples decide to get married after spending a quality time with each other. Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of life. Are you planning to get married? If yes, then you must be quite happy about this. Yes, this is indeed amazing news.

However, when entering into this holy union, most of the couples forget to gather adequate knowledge regarding the health of the partner. As a result, sometimes they face some major problems, like, miscarriage of the issue and many more. If this happens, you will feel frustrated and disappointed with your marriage. This is why, for the better future, you and your partner may do some medical tests before you enter into this lifelong union.

In the below section, I have discussed this topic briefly. You may go through the following section to know all details about medical tests and the medical conditions.

1) Test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Including HIV
HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can make your life miserable and these may even lead to death. This is why, for your safety and for the well-being of your children, do not forget to do STD and HIV tests. Hepatitis B, C and HIV can be dangerous because if they are not properly treated, they can put a serious strain on the marriage. Health screening process helps you to get proper knowledge about the health condition of your partner and thus you can look for the adequate medical care.

2) Blood Group Test
You may know that blood group incompatibility or rhesus isoimmunisation may affect your fetus. This is why; you need to acquire adequate knowledge of the blood group of your spouse. The test is simple and you will get the report soon after the test is done. The knowledge helps you to take preventive measures.

3) Fertility Test
The test may sound irrelevant and you may think it weird about this test. But the truth is that fertility test is another one that the couples need to do before they marry to each other. This is important because the fertility issues may lead to psychological, biological, social and emotional trauma. The report of the test helps you and your spouse to know whether you are capable of becoming parents or not.

4) Sickle Cell Gene Test
Sickle cell disease is a very serious and chronic health condition which is mainly caused by a defect in the red blood cells. Go for the sickle cell gene test. If you are a sickle cell patient, then do not marry a person who is a carrier of sickle cell gene.

5) Testing for the Chronic Medical Conditions
Since marriage is a lifetime bonding, you need to have a clear knowledge about the health condition of your partner. Opt for the medical test to know whether your spouse has genetic and chronic medical conditions. If you know this beforehand, you may take some preventive measures.

With these, you must realize why you and your partner should screen for the medical conditions. Well, now quickly have these medical tests before you get married.

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