5 Natural Remedies Against Anxiety

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To regain calmness and balance we can use some natural remedies: plants and flowers with soothing properties that can accompany us to the rediscovery of tranquility. Here we have collected 5 valid natural allies in the fight against anxiety.

1. Chamomile
It is the best known remedy. When we feel a little anxious, we run to prepare a beautiful chamomile. And we often feel better. This is because the plant has sedative properties due to the presence of flavones. Some components can act on the brain receptors almost the same way as some drugs, such as Valium. In addition to helping to calm anxiety, chamomile is also used as a natural remedy against gastric and digestive disorders and menstrual pain. According to a study at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia, patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and having taken chamomile for eight weeks have seen their symptoms progressively alleviate.

2. Green tea
Green tea is rich in an amino acid called L-teanine, which has soothing effects. The benefit is double because you are more comfortable, the more you can concentrate on what you are doing. According to a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods, taking 200mg of L-teanine before an examination has helped college students be more inclined to maintain anxiety. It has also been shown that the green tea extract strengthens and enhances memory. In a recent experiment, researchers at the University of Basel gave participants a drink containing less than 3 grams of green tea extract. None of them knew what he was drinking. They then tested their short-term memory. Green tea seemed to have literally ‘activated’

3. Melissa
It has been used since the Middle Ages as a natural remedy against anxiety and stress. It is also known as lemon grass or citronella because its leaves, if rubbed, emanate the distinctive smell of lemon. It has sedative and spasmolytic properties and helps to solve the problems of insomnia. It can be taken as a herbal tea, combined with other plants, or in capsules or dyes, but it is good not to overdo it: some studies have noted that taking in excessive doses can increase anxiety. So start slowly.

4. Lavender
The smell of lavender may not please, but its “anti-inflammatory” effect on our emotional system is undeniable. According to a study conducted in Greece, patients waiting to enter a dental studio have experienced less anxiety under the lavender fragrance. Sedative properties also confirmed by another research conducted in Florida: students who smoked lavender before an examination were brought to experience less anxiety than others during the test.

5. Valeriana
Some natural remedies reduce your anxiety without making you sleepy and others that you “cherish”. Valerian falls into the second category. It is a valuable help against insomnia and sleep problems. Since its smell is not very enjoyable, not many can drink it in herbal tea and prefer to take it in pills. It is recommended to try it before going to bed and never before going to work.

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