5 Post-CrossFit Yoga Poses for Deadlifts

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5 Post-CrossFit Yoga Poses for Deadlifts

These 5 post-CrossFit yoga poses will help athletes stretch the posterior chain from both high-rep deadlifts and max effort deadlifts.
Yoga can be extremely beneficial for athletes following intense workouts. In this article we will focus on yoga poses for High Rep Deadlifts(HRD) and Max Effort Deadlift (MED). Deadlifts are an amazing functional movement that we perform almost every day when lifting something off the ground, though maybe because of the weight of the object you don’t always feel as though you are doing an “official” deadlift. This movement is often thought of as dangerous because of the strain it can put on the low back, but if done properly it is one of the best movements you can go do to gain overall strength within the body.

When done right, this posterior chain movement will strengthen hamstrings, glutes, back muscles, core and much more. When done incorrectly, pain and tightness in the low back will be felt almost immediately.

The difference between high-rep deadlifts and any max effort deadlift in terms of stress on the low back is that usually during WODs with HRDs, form starts to degrade with time, so the low back is recruited as fatigue sets in. The athlete might not feel it during the workout, but soreness and pain in the low back usually felt the next day may be a clue that the athlete’s form broke down during the workout. As for the MED, if during a heavy single, double or triple rep lift the athlete’s form breaks down — usually with rounding in the low back — strain is most likely felt right away. After workouts involving either HRD or MED, it is important to stretch to unwind and release tension in the main muscle groups from the work just performed.

These 5 post-CrossFit yoga poses will help athletes stretch the posterior chain from both high-rep deadlifts and max effort deadlifts. They can be done immediately following the WOD or the following day.

Author’s Note:

These stretches are not meant to increase your flexibility quickly but rather to lengthen the muscles that were used during your deadlifts. Once you feel a good stretch, choose not to go further to prevent over stretching issues.

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