5 Questions to Help You Find the Right CrossFit Box

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5 Questions to Help You Find the Right CrossFit Box

As with everything, there’s a certain feeling of “I just know this is right” when it comes to finding the best box for you.
In a way, finding the right box is like finding the perfect mate. In other words, it’s tough and it takes a little bit of looking around and more than a smidgen of effort. However, the good news is that it’s definitely easier than going on dull date after dull date. In fact, you can always get something out of your search for the perfect place to do your WOD.

First, though, it’s important to realize that although there are thousands of CrossFit gyms across the country, they aren’t alike. You can’t expect a cookie cutter experience, which is why it’s so important to “try before you buy.” Most will allow you to join in on a WOD before you commit to any kind of lasting relationship. This gives you the opportunity to answer the following “Is This Box Right for Me?” questions for yourself.

Question #1: Do You Feel Like You Would Enjoy Working Out There?

Okay, this question may seem kind of obvious, but it’s worth mentioning right off the bat.

When you walk into a box, you want to feel inspired to get your sweat on, not get done quickly so you can vamoose. For example, if you feel like the atmosphere is un-motivating, you might as well move on. On the other hand, don’t mistake bells and whistles for motivation. Sure, a CrossFit box could look like a spa… but it really shouldn’t. After all, that’s the whole point (thus that whole “box” moniker)!

You should be motivated to stay because the people there seem excited to do their WOD. Make it a practice to ask other CrossFitters what they think about their box; they’ll no doubt give you the straight scoop.

Question #2: Are Other CrossFitters Performing Exercises and Routines the Right Way?

Are Other CrossFitters Performing Exercises and Routines the Right Way?
The last thing you want to see in a box is uncorrected poor posture and bad form. Trainers who don’t stop CrossFitters when they see something awry aren’t worth their weight in gym shoes. There’s no reason to put yourself in harm’s way. You deserve CrossFit trainers who know their stuff, which is a reminder to find out the answer to the next question.

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