5 Tips on Weightlifting for Martial Arts

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There are various different opinions about weightlifting as a part of martial arts training.

It is often assumed that lifting weight will make you too bulky, decrease flexibility, speed, and stamina.

However, weightlifting has its part in combat sports training. Actually, every martial arts practitioner could benefit from moving some heavy metals around the gym, if done right.

Here are some benefits of training in a fitness gym. It can make you:

  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • More explosive

However, if you want to achieve good results here are some tips to implement in your training.

Always warm up 

Warming up is important for every kind of training. It makes you ready for the workout and keeps you away from injuries.

Always make sure to do a warm-up set for every exercise. Make sure to choose a weight that you can make at least 20 reps with.

Train exclusively with free weights

Machines have their purpose if you want to develop specific muscle group. However, when training for combat sports, you want to develop your whole body.

Working out with free weights also strengthens little stabilizing muscles which often get neglected when training with machines.

For example, a simple exercise like squats trains your legs, glutes, and core. Which is basically half of your body.

Follow a clean diet and drink a lot of water

Make sure to always have a bottle of water within a hand reach. That way you can always remind yourself to drink water and to keep hydrated.

Which is incredibly important for your body.

Following a “clean” diet is different for everybody. However, if you are training martial arts and also weightlifting, that means you use a lot of energy during the day.

Make sure to eat enough so that your body can recover.

A good tip is to have a high-carb meal 1-2 hours before your workout. That way you will have enough energy to train.

Rest a lot

If your main focus is the combat sport you are training, then probably weightlifting maximum 3 days a week is enough.

Make sure you are getting your body enough rest, sleep, food, and water. That way you are keeping yourself from burning out and over-training.

Over-training is bad because it can demotivate you, make you vulnerable to injuries, and slow down your progress.

High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) is a great way to implement weightlifting into your martial arts training.

HIIT workouts are short and hard. And a great way to burn fat, by the way.

The reason that HIIT training is so good for martial arts is that it actually simulates the type of fatigue you get when training combat sports.

Think about it. Drilling, sparring, hitting the punching bag or pads are extremely high-intensity short exercises.

Usually, 2-5min rounds followed by 1min rest.

You don’t need an hour-long monotone workout like a bodybuilder. If you are combat sports practitioner you need to explode with full power for 3 to 5 minutes and then rest. Then again.

Without a doubt, there are many benefits of incorporating weightlifting into your martial arts training. However, make sure to train the right way, rest a lot and keep yourself from injuries.





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