5 Ways to Be a Better CrossFit Coach

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5 Ways to Be a Better CrossFit Coach

It is our job to show the members that we are more than just a weekend certification.
As CrossFit coaches, we are not just motivators or technicians. No, our list of duties go way beyond “Coach,” since in many cases we are the sole representative of the box. During our classes we are the marketer, public relations rep, human resources manager, safety director, and leader. To be good, we must be able to coach the movements of the day and spot flaws in movement. In addition, we need to be able to organize the class and manage the work for the day in the allotted time slot. At any given time during this, we may be called upon to interact with potential clients that walk in off the street or neighbors that have complaints about loud noises and sweaty people running up and down the street. The array of things that can come up in a short hour block is immense, and we must be prepared for it all. To the best of our ability, of course.

Below is a list of areas that can mean the difference in being a good coach and a great coach.

1. Talk to new people.

This cannot be stressed enough. CrossFit is known for having a tight community. New people may be put off or feel a little shy when seeing well established friendships between more seasoned members. They will be relying on us as coaches to introduce them and make them feel comfortable. We should be able to convey that they belong just as much as the fire breather who has been coming for years. A few ways to do this are to ask them questions about their goals and wants. Everyone wants to feel important and accepted. A smile, a question, and a listening ear can go a long way in this.

2. Watch the door.

Watch the door.
When someone walks in, the coach’s voice saying hello should be the first thing they hear. That goes for good bye as well. I have had so many people tell me that walking through the door is the hardest part of CrossFit. So when someone walks in, take a little of that intimidation away by acknowledging them. It does not have to be much — a simple “How’s it going?” can light up a member’s day. We all know that community sells, and the more embedded a person feels in the community, the better a client he will be. We should all make it a point to speak directly to each person in every class. It is easy to forget that most of the clients really look up to us, and it can mean the world to them to be recognized.

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