6 Qualities Patients Look For In an Orthodontist

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Successful orthodontists and dentists are not only medical specialists in their field. This is just one factor in many that sets people in this profession apart. Effective orthodontists also need to have a diverse set of qualities that make it possible for them to offer the best possible healthcare to patients while also being able to effectively run a healthcare business.

Here are some of the core skills and personality traits that orthodontists need when helping patients in their practice.

1. Effective Communication Skills 

Many patients are nervous when visiting the orthodontist. A good practitioner will be able to put them at their ease. It also allows the dentist to learn more about the patient, which will help with overall management of their healthcare plan.

2. Calm and Trustworthy

Orthodontists need to put patients at ease and make sure that the patient trusts them to carry out the best possible care – even when the procedures may be uncomfortable. A good orthodontist focuses on ways of minimising pain and discomfort and communicates this in a calm and professional manner.

3. Ability to Interact on a Close Personal Level

A lot of interaction in a dentist’s room takes place on a close personal level. A dentist must be comfortable with being in someone else’s space, otherwise it will make the job of examining the patient extremely difficult. Dentists also need to be able to respect and work within others’ personal boundaries.

4. Good Attention to Detail

The patient looks for this quality as they rely on the orthodontist to record their medical details correctly, to be sure to administer the correct medication or the right procedure, and to follow up effectively on any dental issues they encounter. An orthodontist needs to have a good attention to detail when running his or her practice; managing staff, ordering orthodontic supplies, getting patients through the door, etc. Without attention to detail a dental business can suffer.

5. Technical Proficiency

It goes without saying that a dentist should be extremely good at the technical aspects of his or her job. They are working on a sensitive area of the body which is visible all the time – any mistakes could cause lasting damage to the patient.

6. Leadership

Patients need an orthodontist to be proactive, strong, and professional in their leadership. A patient needs to feel certain that a dentist is in control. And the dentist also must lead in their own workplace, managing technicians, receptionists, and dental hygienists while making sure their practice is profitable. And while focus on the patient and focus on the practice are both important, one should not be prioritised above the other. It is a difficult balancing act but a professional orthodontist can be successful with this balance.

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