7 Activities That You Will Love In Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City in Utah is a great travel destination. Though it is a bustling city, it is at heart a mountain town. It is well known throughout the world as the home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). There is more to Salt Lake City than just the church and they are:

The Great Salt Lake:
It is but natural for a person visiting Salt Lake City to visit the Great Salt Lake. The city takes its name from this salt water lake which is considered to be the largest in the western hemisphere. In fact, the city was known as the Great Salt Lake City and the work Great was removed in the 19th century. The lake even has a monster like the Loch Ness known locally as the North Shore Monster. Tourists can take part in activities such as kayaking, sailing, hiking, biking etc. You can also float in the lake but the best place to do that is the Antelope Island State Park. Many events happen here and you can enjoy a lot here along with your friends and family.

Temple Square:
A visit to the Temple Square is one of the things that a visitor does. It is the most visited place in the whole of Utah. People from all walks of life visit the place and take part in the historical journey.

If you are a cycling enthusiast then Salt Lake City is the place to head to. You can cycle the city and the neighbouring canyons alone or as a team. If you like to bike in the mountains then you can bike in the mountains of Northern Utah. In fact, many cyclists in the Tour de France have their roots in Utah or somehow connected to Utah.

This Is The Place Heritage Park:
A must visit for all visitors to Salt Lake City, This is the place Heritage Park takes one down the ages and we can see the settlement towns as they were then. It also includes a native Indian village with teepees and all. Children will love the place and learn a lot too.

Thanksgiving Point:
If you want to spend a day enjoying then you should visit Thanksgiving Point. You can visit the museums here, the largest man made waterfalls in the Western Hemisphere is here and it is a sight to behold. If you visit during tulip season you will enjoy even more.

Snowbird Ski Resort:
If you are the avid skier then you should visit Snowbird ski resort. It is an experience you will not forget. The resort boasts of a wonderful spa too and you should relax and unwind there.

Natural History Museum:
A wonderful place to visit, you can learn all about the natural history of Utah. It is a real educative experience. Dinosaur fossils abound and hence you can see a lot of dinosaur exhibits here.

Salt Lake City is not just a tourist attraction, many people are moving here to make it their home.Real estate buyers are growing by the day and this is because it is one of the best places to live in the United States.

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