7 Unexpected Ways CrossFit Can Change Your Life

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Sure, CrossFit can help you become buffer, tougher and leaner, but there are other benefits to this pursuit that has taken on a life of its own. In fact, some of the advantages might just surprise you with their applicability in areas of your life not related to the box. Check out the top seven ways that CrossFit can change your life for the better.

#1: CrossFit will increase your confidence.

When you realize you can kick butt in every WOD, including the big guy in the corner who’s practically weeping in agony, you can’t help but get a surge of confidence. This kind of confidence doesn’t end when you leave the box. In fact, you might just find it helps you to ask for a raise, to negotiate a sales agreement with a tough client, or to deal with your nasty neighbor who keeps letting her pet Rottie use your lawn as a toilet.

#2: CrossFit will improve your posture.

Think all that focus on form is limited to your workouts? Think again. Your body starts to retain awesome “muscle memory”, and that begins to positively affect your posture. You’ll stand up a little straighter, and probably sit a little straighter in your chair, too. Good posture leads to better overall health, and that means fewer sick days!

#3: CrossFit will expand your sense of community.

The CrossFit community is known for being notoriously loyal. That loyalty doesn’t stop at the sport and fellow CrossFitters, it extends to the communities they live in. So whether your box is raising funds for a local non-profit group, or volunteering at a community center, be prepared to give back once you sign up.

#4: CrossFit will encourage you to challenge yourself in new ways.

CrossFit is known to improve your energy level, and all that enthusiasm and stamina has to go somewhere, right? Tons of CrossFitters find they want to keep pushing at their comfort zones in ways that aren’t athletic. Some may go back to school, while others may start new careers or their own businesses. The future is wide open for dreamers and achievers with ambition.

#5: CrossFit will “up” your sex drive.

If you’re looking for a boost in performance between the sheets, you will be happy to learn CrossFit has been known to make people a little “randier”. Why shouldn’t they want to get their groove on, especially after they feel so much better about their bodies? Just make sure you shower after your CrossFit WOD first…

#6: CrossFit will increase your focus.

Adults who suffer from mild ADD may just find engaging in CrossFit is a good way to gain the ability to focus in ordinary life. CrossFit is all about having short-term and long-term goals and really honing in on them. As your mind starts to become accustomed to this kind of concentration, you’ll be able to pay more attention at work, in school or during daily activities. Your friends, family, boss and teachers will thank you for it!

#7: CrossFit will help you understand your body.

The final way CrossFit can help change your life is the way it will make you super-aware of your body in ways you weren’t before you started this challenge. You’ll know your muscle groups, and start to feel what’s “normal” for you and what’s not. Many people go through life never really “in tune” with their bodies; if you can find that connection and maintain it, you’ll benefit tremendously.

The next time you finish a CrossFit WOD, don’t think all your efforts are over. Truly, you’ve only just begun to tap into the phenomenal rewards CrossFit provides.

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