8 CrossFit Secrets: Unexpected Truths I Learned from Training

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8 CrossFit Secrets: Unexpected Truths I Learned from Training
As CrossFit continues to grow in popularity, so too do the stereotypes associated with it. There is, of course, some truth behind the popularized notions of high socks and headbands or cult coconut water chugging, but CrossFit for many people becomes so much more than that. So I wanted to share an abbreviated list of CrossFit side effects I experienced, hitherto unbeknownst to the wider world.

1. Everything in life becomes easy, even the stuff you didn’t realize was hard before.

Stairs? Not even a second glance. Moving to a fifth floor flat? Weekend workout. Being chased by a dog? Sprinting skill work. A month’s worth of groceries? One trip from the car, up the stairs, to the fifth floor flat.

2. It becomes a metaphor for everything else in life.

I know that my gym family has my back, always, not just in CrossFit but in any aspect of my life, and I have theirs for whatever and whenever they need me.
There are days when nothing seems to work out favorably, when work is overwhelming and there seems to be more to do than the ever present confines of time will allow. On those days, the training from CrossFit training help me to dig deep and just hang on. Those difficult days, weeks, months, become extensions of a workout, where all you can do is embrace the suck and keep going. There have been many moments in my recent past during which I thought to myself, If I can endure 150 consecutive wall balls, then surely I can survive whatever else life throws at me.

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