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The Tabata Media Contributor Network: Here’s Your Shot

Have something on functional fitness that you are dying to get off your chest? Looking to engage a big audience with your thoughts on the issues of the day in the community and join the Tabata Media writing staff?

There’s only one way to find out – here’s why you should go for it.

The Standards

Being a writer isn’t for everyone. But why should all the meaty issues be left to the “experts”? Here’s how aspiring writers can stand out from the crowd and gain a following in the community:

  • Talent
    Practice, practice, practice. Just like CrossFit, no matter how naturally gifted you are there is always something to work on to better your craft, and writing (well) is no different.

  • Passion
    This goes without saying. Authenticity and passion for your subject shine through. We are looking for journalists who can write with intelligent enthusiasm about their favorite fitness topics – odds are, if you are passionate about it, there are others in the community who are too!

  • Experience
    No publishing credits on your résumé? Here is a way to get your feet wet and throw your hat in the ring with a major audience – don’t toil away creating great content in obscurity.

Of course, we never make guarantees to individual applicants, and some hopefuls will go home disappointed. But the fact remains that the best of the best really do get invited to join the party at Tabata Media, and those who have made the trip will tell you the journey is well worth the effort.

Your Shot

Step right up and engage the community with the best that you have to offer – you will be happy you started the conversation, and once it starts who knows where it will lead?

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