Additional Exercises for a Model-like Body

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Additional Exercises for a Model-like Body
The perception of the perfect body for most young girls has been the one where their body is always flawlessly slender in most places and voluptuous in their bust and thigh areas. This notion has further been promoted by Mattel which manufactures Barbie dolls. As opposed to its present line of dolls, it’s earlier dolls had marketed the concept of unrealistically small waists, lean arms, and a bigger chest. However, Mattel revolutionized its campaign recently with the production of other dolls that have different body proportions and the ones that normal girls can relate to. There are all types of people who either shame people for being fat or even fit shame people. Therefore it is important that you are motivated by your own goals instead of being bullied by anyone into having a body type.

Another influence on young girls are the beauty pageants or the modeling industry. The young ladies who wish to pursue their career in the entertainment industry and be in front of the camera are then inspired from such body images.

Sometimes the models push themselves as far as to go on a purely water diet to prevent themselves from gaining weight. This body image is not the healthiest of choices for a female of any age. Hence, some of the models are not the best people to be inspired from. Yet healthy models can be used as motivations for a healthier body with an appealing fame. If anyone wants to be in the entertainment industry they must strive for a better and healthier body rather than starve themselves. Exercises can help you maintain a good body and accomplish your dream of having a career in the modeling or pageant industry. If you are doing your workouts regularly, but not reaching your desired body type, then there are a few exercises that you can squeeze in your workouts.


The goal is to be fit and healthy and not skinny, which would require you to have a slimmer waist but voluptuous legs and buttocks. Planks help in all these aspects with most its exercises linking decreasing or increasing mass in those areas. There are several types of plank exercises that can help anyone get a toned belly or better thighs or arms and you need to choose them based on your body.

Elbow Plank: This exercise lays the basis for all other plank related workouts. For this, you have to lie down facing the mat but not touch the mat with any part of your body except your toes and the elbows. Use your elbows to hold you halfway in the air. Lay your feet together as well. Then pull your stomach in for as long as you can and then release. Continue this exercise for 3 minutes with 2-3 intervals in the middle. For better posture and a flatter belly wear a sports bra to keep track of your stomach during the exercise, or wear a waist trainer to help you stay in shape and have a slimmer waist.

Regular Plank: Another exercise that you can do later in your routine is the regular plank. Lay down facing the mat but instead of using the elbows, use your palms to hold you up. Contract your abdomen as many times as you can and then release. Do this exercise for 4 minutes with 4 intervals.

Plank Open and Close: While in position as mentioned in regular plank, jump upwards and open your legs in that split second you are in the air. Then jump again and close the legs again in the air. Do this on a carpet or soft mat first to negate any risk of hurting yourself too much. Do as much as you can and wrap up your workout.


Pilates exercises are great for anyone who sits around all day and their work doesn’t involve much movement. These exercises improve balance and can help you relieve those tight muscles in your body. However, this exercise can be very beneficial to anyone losing some extra pounds or hoping to get a more slender body by stretching.

Pilates Hundred: Lie flat on your bag but put your legs in a position as if you are giving birth, with just the feet touching the ground. Place your hands under the knees and breathe in your stomach. Lift the head and shoulders up slightly. Do not lift your back. In small motions pump your arms up and down. Breathe out after counting 5 then breathe in after 5 counts. Do this until 50 pumps. Do this round twice.

Pulling Straps: Use a reformer with the accessory known as a long box. Lie down on it with your stomach, but your chest should be on the box’s edge. With your arms straight, hold the straps in front of you. Lift your head and stretch your arms back to your hips. The long box will be then able to slide forward, and then release the arms slowly, which will get you back to your original position. Do five reps for this.

Sparklers: Hold 2 kg weights in both your hands and hold your hands straight down to their full extent. Twirl the weights forming the number eight shapes, using only your wrists. Each round should be higher than the previous one until the weights reach above your head. Make the circles of eight in downward direction till you reach to your original standing position. Repeat at least 3 times.

It should be noted that following only these exercises are not the core to gaining a fit body. The above-mentioned exercises are in addition to those exercises that you normally do in the gym or are a part of your routine workout. Talk to your instructor or trainer about skipping some of your regular workout exercises and finding a place for the ones mentioned here to have a better impact on your body. Hard work is necessary, but don’t over exert yourself trying to achieve something impossible.

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