Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology You Must Know

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We are living in an advanced era. World has evolved a lot since the last decade. Be it the way of living, to the accessories or other luxuries of life to household chores, working in industry, schools, hospitals, offices and many more to the devices, gadgets and machines in daily use there has been much innovation and development. No doubt such advances have made our lives easier and comfortable, other than that they have also made us so much dependent on them.

Life seems impossible without these modern technologies. From education to business to treatment of patients these technologies have revolutionized the world. But these modern technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. At some stages they are even considered as a blessing in disguise. Here are advantages and disadvantages of modern technology detailed essay.

Advantages of Modern Technology

Immediate Access to Information and Knowledge

Internet has connected the whole world. Its easy availability on our mobile phones, gadgets, computers and laptops have made any information obtainable within seconds. Searching regarding anything has come on our fingertips and we have become just one click away from getting the required information.

Calculations have become easier

Increased use of computers almost in every field like schools, banks, hospitals, factories have made lives easier as large amount of calculations can be done instantly without much worrying and maintaining registers which was used to be done back then in older times. Various softwares are now available which can be utilized for complex calculations and thus making time saved.


The best advantage modern technology has provided is the communication in a matter of seconds. Distance has become just a word and now we can easily communicate with our loved ones far way through these computers and mobile phones. The most used sources cum applications widely used such as Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger, IMO and many others have made lives effortless.

Online businesses have increased efficiency and productivity

One can now indulge in online business without worrying to get a place to start the business. Everything can be displayed online using smart phones and making online money.

Important transactions

In olden times it was quite difficult to stand in long queues and waiting for turn to do the bank procedures but now since the advent of modern technology one can easily perform such tasks without any complications.

Bill paying

Utility bills such as electricity, gas, water and telephone bills can now be paid online without undergoing much suffering.

Improved lifestyle

Various household chores have become trouble free with the advancement in the technology. Automatic washing machines, vacuums for cleaning, kitchen electric utensils have helped save a lot of time and energy.

Health benefits

One of the widest advancement has been made in the field of medicine and surgery. Various diagnostic tests can be performed with reliable accuracy and within a short period of time thus making the lives of patients and doctors easy.

Improved entertainment

With the invent of video games, music systems and visual systems entertainment helps connect friends and thus they can share whatever they are watching with each other.

Social networking

Now people can chat live with each other and can share their pictures of the memorable events and occasions with others.

Disadvantages of Modern technology


People have become immobile and less active since they prefer to sit while everything happens. This has led to many diseases which could have been prevented by being active and mobile and preventing sedentary lifestyle.

Wastage of time and money

Once you get connected to any social media application it seems almost impossible to get out of it. Various attractive sites and chatting and playing games is a total wastage of time and money.


People have become far from each other physically and prefer now to connect via mobile phones and computers. Even family members stay away from each other for the sake of the attractiveness they find in social media applications.

Psychological effects

Modern technology has made an adverse effect on the psychological health of people which is most neglected now a days. Looking at what is unachievable, comparing life with others has made an inauspicious effect on the lives of the individuals.

Health issues

Continuously using computers and mobile phones without caring for oneself has led to many health issues with eye sight problems being topping the issues.


In one aspect security is undoubtedly the best advantage of the modern era but since our confidential accounts and information are present online they can be hacked and misused by cybercrimes.

Destructive weapons

The worldly powers and their deadly weapons have led to endless wars and a sense of fright in innocent people.

Loss of Jobs

Due to use of modern technology and robots work load has reduced and now a single person can perform a task which was performed by hundred people back then. In this way job opportunities have become very less. As most technological discoveries aim to reduce human effort, it would imply that more work is done by machines. This equates to less work for people: the human is becoming ever so obsolete by the day, as processes become automated and jobs are made redundant.

loss of Competency

we have become increasingly dependent on modern technologies even for little tasks like performing easy calculations we are relied upon calculators. Rather than using our intelligence and creativity we chose to copy cheat everything from online sources.


There are affordability issues for a common man who also wishes to use the modern technology but since the technology gets better prices get better too leading to unaffordability and a sense of in accomplishment in the common man.

So, these were the some of the advantages and disadvantages of the modern technologies. No matter modern world has changed our lives and lifestyle and have helped us in many ways, they have also made worst impact on our lives as we have totally become dependent on them and have become less creative and sedentary.

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