Advantages of playing with LEGO bricks

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Children are easily bored. They require a constant source of entertainment which is difficult to provide. Even if you find a source, they will get bored of it soon and demand another. Unfortunately, children these days are getting attracted to entertainment sources which are harmful for them. These are namely TV and video games. Such sources of entertainment may be easily available and may be able to keep your kids engaged for a long time, but they harmful. They harm your child’s eyesight and offer no mental development to your child’s brain.

You may remember playing with LEGO bricks as a child. Building things from your imagination and creativity. Spending hours making and breaking different things your mind came up with. LEGOs truly are an engaging source of entertainment. Even today, lots of children love spending hours just making things of LEGOs, breaking them and then building new things again. This cycle offers for hours and hours of unlimited entertainment and indulgence. However, playing with LEGO bricks is not just blind fun and entertainment. It is beneficial as well. In this segment, we discuss some advantages of playing with LEGO bricks.

  1. It improves geometry

Believe it or not, playing with LEGOs can improve your child’s geometry. This is because building things out of LEGOs requires some geometric precision which your child may lack when he starts playing with them. Over time, his or her geometric precision and skills will develop and grow as he or she build different things from it. He or she will start understanding what pieces will go together to get the structure which he or she desires. You don’t need to take our word for it. Just give your child a box of LEGOs and observe him or her. Initially, the child will make scattered structures while he or she tries to figure out the geometry and dynamics of it. Later, he or she will start building more complex structures as his or her mind learns how to geometrically align the bricks to achieve the desired shape.

  1. It stimulates creativity

This one is a no-brainer. You give a child a box of LEGOs and ask him or her to build something. Since there are no instructions, the child will have to use his or her creativity to build things. This just end there. After building something, your child’s creativity may come up with something else. Then he or she will embark on a quest to build that. This cycle will provide your child’s creativity, with an endless cycle of stimulation and engagement.

  1. It provokes imagination

Building stuff off the top of one’s head isn’t easy. One needs to imagine what to build and then go about aligning the LEGO bricks to make it. Hence, playing with LEGO bricks will stimulate your child’s imagination. From houses to spaceships, a child’s mind can imagine a lot of things to build. Over time, you will yourself see your child’s imagination soar as he or she build different things from LEGOs.

  1. It’s engaging

Keep children engaged for long is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even the best entertainment sources may fail to engage children after a while. LEGO bricks are something that have engaged kids for decades and still going strong. Since the child’s imagination and creativity is at play, LEGOs can be infinitely engaging source which also promotes cognitive development.

Playing with LEGOs doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. A lot of fun things can be done with LEGOs when they are played with, in a group. For a wide array of enticing activities involving LEGO bricks like summer camps and birthday parties, visit Bricks 4 Kidz Atlanta.

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