Advantages that patients have when being rehabilitated at Discoveryhouses

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Among the advantages that patients get at our Discoveryhouses rehabilitation center you will find the following:

  1. They Won’t have any negative influence: in this rehabilitation center for both men and women, each and every one of our patients is incorporated to an environment and medical staff who will only be able to influence their lives in a positive way. They also may have access to phone calls and contacts with their relatives supervised, all this in order to avoid any negative influence that could affect your progress.
  2. Will be able to create a genuine community with new social circles: all of our patients and medical personnel in general have the same reason and is the power to achieve a sober community. Thus it is that the meetings of community groups, will allow each of them to share their experiences and develop new friendships based on commitment, respect, honesty, support and great strength of will. These links do not only provide them fill those gaps of affection which over time has meaning, but also help them morally each other to undertake a life free of drugs and alcohol.
  3. Personalized treatment of addictions: the therapies and assessments that each one of the patients will receive, will help them to deal positively in everything that has to do with the mental aspect, in physical and psychological addiction to drugs. In these sessions of therapies include exercise sessions, such as the practice of yoga and meditation, which are perfect exercises to relieve stress and improve mental health, and of course physical health. In the session of advice we help to make an analysis of the different factors that lead to drug consumption and to know how to counter them.
  4. We created a nutrition plan: The diet is one of the important factors in the recovery of a patient, that is why we do a great deal of emphasis on creating a healthy diet, because this will allow them to gain physical and mental strength, which they need in order to successfully complete this whole process of recovery.
  5. Help is always available to them: account with phone lines and professional help in all around the west coast of California, in order to be able to provide assistance at all times to our patients when they are away from home and feel the pressure of abstinence. So they always have help available to meet their needs.

Any other information you need you can consult with our customer service staff through emails available here.

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