Amado Burgos

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Name: Amado Burgos
Age: 30
CrossFit Start Date (and box): 2009; 24 Hour Fitness
Favorite movement or WOD: Snatch
Least favorite movement or WOD: Burpees


What was your athletic background prior to CrossFit?
I did bodybuilding-type working out at a standard gym.
How did you hear about CrossFit? What convinced you to join, and why have you stayed?
I heard about CrossFit from my friend Ray Ablao, who is a trainer at Catalyst Athletics. I enjoyed the fact that it was various functional movements and that it had a competitive aspect. It gave me a daily goal, which made working out very fun and different from the average gym experience.
How do you manage the mental and physical demands of CrossFit training?
I made CrossFit an integral part of my daily routine. If I don’t get a WOD in for that day, I would feel that my day was incomplete!
What do you love about the people and/or place where you train?
I really enjoy the fact that the people are close and share a common goal. We always motivate each other to surpass our goals and keep setting new ones.
What do you do in your everyday life? How has CrossFit impacted that role (or roles)?
I am a hardware technician for a law firm. CrossFit has helped me manage my time much more efficiently. My job also requires me to lift a lot of heavy loads, so CrossFit has alleviated the stress of maybe getting injured on the job.
Looking back, what 2-3 things did you wish you knew when you started CrossFit?
I wish I had known about the people and the cohesive-yet-crazy community. I also wish I knew the core philosophy and methodology of CrossFit before I even started. Overall, I just wish I had started earlier!
What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?  What is your most embarrassing moment?
When I snatched 185 lbs was a memorable moment. The most embarrassing moment was when I tried to split snatch an empty bar and ended up hyperextending my knee. That’s when I learned the importance of proper footwear!
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