Anchored Strength & Conditioning: Helping Individuals Get Stronger

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Anchored Strength & Conditioning: Helping Individuals Get Stronger

[CrossFit] provided me with a strong foundation to finally open up my own facility with a slightly different approach.
My story is like that of many other coaches and trainers — it starts with the simple interest of bettering yourself physically and mentally. For some, they will then cultivate this interest into a larger realization that the experience and knowledge gained in the process can be used to help even more people. I’m a proud part of this latter group. In my short time in the fitness industry (~7 years), I’ve been through the ropes with a few different training methods, tried a few different diet “fads,” and worked with a variety of different types of people throughout the whole learning journey. Combining this firsthand experience with objective information available in this convoluted fitness industry is what drove me to open Anchored Strength & Conditioning.

Aside from my time working in the commercial gym setting, working within the CrossFit community was definitely the driving force behind me pursuing small business ownership. No one can deny the boost in health awareness and fitness motivation CrossFit has sparked in the past decade, as the idea of health in our modern lives has reached a more comprehensive meaning. This provided me with a strong foundation to finally open up my own facility with a slightly different approach.


In my time spent in the CrossFit community, I’ve seen both amazing gyms and bad gyms; the main difference would be the coaches’ attention to individual variation in regards to nutrition, movement, and motivation. The class model makes it difficult to achieve this. Anybody who is or who has been a coach/trainer will know that everyone moves differently to a degree, responds differently to specific eating protocols (and training protocols), and chooses to workout for different reasons.

Thus when opening my own gym, I wanted to keep it small and ditch the strict class model and blanket prescriptions. Members come in at assigned times; get coached through the program exercise by exercise; receive recommendations along the way (based on observation) to improve each specific member’s movement mechanics; and discuss nutritional guidance on a one-on-one basis, void of any “cookie-cutter” diet.
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