Are Event Planners, Party Planners and Baby Shower Event Planners same?

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In recent days, people are hiring event planners or party planners to plan particular things and make the party successfully beautiful. But those who are dreaming of entering into this career should be aware of the fact that event planning is completely different from party planning. Both are different jobs having their different agendas. One is confined with social events and another one is interested in corporate events. Though in bare eyes, it may appear that the job is all about throwing great parties, but if you magnify the details, then the differences can be clearly seen.

The event planners

Event planners or event organizers in Mumbai are professionals who focus on the cravings of having an event and see whether they are achieved. They create programs neatly communicated by their clients that will address the purpose, message or impression. There are no perfect working hours for them to work for. They work very hardly for long and non-traditional hours. They plan and execute all details about the meeting formats which will include seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, conventions, etc. Basically, corporate events are planned and executed by them. Various skills they have and maintained by them when planning for a corporate event. Some skills that successful event planners develop are verbal and written communications, organizations and time management, project management and multitasking, self-starter and team player, understand the Microsoft Office applications, detail and deadline oriented, calm and personable under pressure, negotiation, budget management, staff management, marketing and public relations, interpersonal skills with all level management. They select the venue at first for the event, then the catering, production, entertainment, lodging, conference services and transportation service all are calculated and set up. So those want to be an event planner should grow some skills such as, organization, flexibility, creativity, business acumen, budgeting, customer service, multi-tasking and thinking, best communication and time management.

Party planners

There are various differences between two titles of event planners and party planners in Mumbai. Actually, an event planner can be a party planner but a party planner cannot be an event planner. The party planner generally deals with the social parties and events and not the corporate ones as the event planners. Party planners don’t plan any conference, seminars, meetings, tradeshows and board meetings. They instead concentrate upon planning reception, dinners, themed parties, award ceremonies, birthday parties, wedding receptions and family events.

Baby shower event planners

Baby shower is a ceremony which celebrates an expected mother’s happiness. Everyone present gifts to the mother. And this cultural ceremony is handled by those baby shower event planners who are trained to plan these types of ceremonies very successfully.

Many famous event planners, party planners and baby shower party planners are available in Mumbai they plan these events very neatly with grandeur.

Any occasion can be provided a graceful touch with the help of these party planners. Now the question which might come to your mind is how do I locate them. You can get their contact details from any reference who has availed their services in the past, and if that does not yield any result, it could be that you do a random search on the internet itself as the options are unlimited and you will be spoilt for choices.

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