Aryan Barto: The CrossFit Games…Through the Looking Glass


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CrossFit Games: Through the Looking Glass…
What can I say about the CrossFit Games that hasn’t already been said? It has been inspiring to see firsthand just how much dedication and sacrifice has poured out of my younger brother, Aja Barto, to secure his third trip back to California this past July.

A snapshot in time: In the end, capturing that accomplishment… isn’t that what all the blood, sweat and tears is about?
Photography seems much easier when you have such amazing events to shoot. I’m grateful, to say the least, for the opportunity to improve my photography skills enough to capture and immortalize these amazing moments and accomplishments. Watching these incredible feats are what initially drove me into photography.

My first camera was an old DSRL combo set I purchased from my boss. I took it to the 2012 South Central Regional competition in San Antonio with big aspirations but zero practice. Of the 3,000+ shots I took that weekend, I had a total of 10 usable shots – meaning ones that were not blurry or just plain bad.

It’s been a long journey since that weekend. But with some patience, a lot of trial and error, and most importantly, some much-needed direction from my close friend and CrossFit HQ media staff member Anne Talhelm, I’m starting to bear the fruits of my labor.

Although photographing Aja and other top level athletes is what brought attention to my pictures, I am equally proud snapping pictures of our Behemoth Family in each of their individual quests of fitness. When I capture a mother, a sister, a brother at just the right moment — doing something that only a few short months prior would have seemed impossible — it truly brightens my day and validates all that we strive to do at Behemoth CrossFit. (Although I have heard from a few they would prefer to be left out of our albums!)

In the end, capturing that accomplishment… isn’t that what all the blood, sweat and tears is about?

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