Ask the Doc Review: Marc Who? Marc Pro

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To simplify it, I will borrow a quote from Kelly Starrett in which he describes the [Marc Pro] device’s ability to “take out the garbage and bring in the groceries.”
The fundamental nature of sport pushes athletes, both professional and recreational, to exceedingly greater levels of physical and mental performance. World and personal records quickly become the “norm” in performance as individuals perfect their craft and discover better ways to train, recover, and compete. I once asked a very well respected colleague and conditioning coach, “What tactics can we implement to help our athletes recover more efficiently, especially during multi-event competitions?” His response: “Build better athletes!” Short, sweet, to the point, and so true. This building process relates to athletes capitalizing on elements of their recovery that will allow them to train as efficiently as possible while providing their bodies the necessary means to adapt to their training program. Nutrition, sleep, manual therapy, ice baths and compression clothing are all commonly used tools to assist in the recovery process. One additional element that I have recently become more familiar with is the use of the Marc Pro device.
Ask the Doc Review: Marc Who? Marc Pro

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