Ask the Doc: What Do a Wrench and a Barbell Have in Common?

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Ask the Doc: What Do a Wrench and a Barbell Have in Common?
Riddle me this:

What do a wrench and a barbell have in common?

The answer: They both need torque to make movement actually happen, and happen well!!

When taking a weight to overhead slowly (think of lifting a baby overhead), is it much easier to stay balanced versus when you add a bit of speed to the movement (a jump shot, a volleyball spike)?

Noticing your positions in the gym provides an easy way to find out where and what goes wrong so you can improve your game on the court, on the sand, in a tactical environment, and at home. How does your strict press look as compared to your push press and your push jerk? What do your spine, feet, knees and hips do when you are taking that weight overhead?

In this video our guest coach, Brian Riley, performs shoulder to overhead movements, which can be challenging with increased speed. With increased speed he starts to lose his balance and falls backwards because he has too much of his momentum along the sagittal plane (i.e. forward and back) with little help from his strong legs. Being that he has a below-the-knee-amputation and in this video is wearing his walking leg, this makes his weight disproportionate. He cannot afford to be sagittally dominant or his body will naturally want to use his heavier and stronger side.

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