Ask The Doc: Why Do My Ankles Hurt?

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Ask The Doc: Why Do My Ankles Hurt?

There is no reason to be held hostage from achieving your goals due to a mobility issue.
We are very lucky to be involved in such a well-connected community as CrossFit. In my opinion, we have access to some of the most intelligent, practical and well-read professionals of their respective fields in the world. Think about it: if we want to know more about nutrition, we have Dr. Barry Sears. If we want to know how to run, we have Brian MacKenzie. If we want to know about gymnastics, we have Carl Paoli. Power lifting, Jesse Burdick. Oly lifting, Mike Burgener. And lastly — however, most importantly — if we want to know how to move and how to reach our genetic potential, we have our beloved leader Kelly Starrett– MWOD Pro; and locally in San Diego of course, Movement-Rx.

Without optimal joint mobility, tissue elasticity and malleability, none of us will ever reach or know our genetic potential. In fact, we will continue to fail over and over again to leverage our true physical capacities, and most of us will sustain multiple injuries while trying. Most of our best athletes will ultimately fail to ever see their full potential because they do not understand the benefits of unlocking their bodies. K-Star once said that he’s only seen perhaps one or two of his elite athletes reach close to 90% of what they are capable of. This statistic is simply sad and disappointing, because we have the resources available to reach everyone, yet most of us are not leveraging this information. An example you probably are familiar with is Kobe Bryant and his Achilles tendon rupture. This injury was completely preventable and likely happened as a result of this athlete’s lack of knowledge regarding a combination of things, including the importance of mobility and suppleness of the soft tissues and joints.

[W]e have the resources available to reach everyone, yet most of us are not leveraging this information.
I am a doctor of physiotherapy, as is my colleague Dr. Theresa Larson (creator of Movement-Rx), and we see athletes everyday ranging from those who are devoted to training and competing in the CrossFit Games to those who are working professionals who may sit at a desk for forty hours a week. Something that might be surprising but true is both of these aforementioned cohorts of people on average cannot even reach a neutral/normal joint position at the hip or ankle. And they are likely lacking 50% or more of their available range of motion in these joints.

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