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“The Froning Factor.”

Must be a tough place to be in, if you are one of the male athletes that want to dethrone good Ā“ole Rich from the top of the podium. Why!? Well, Rich Froning has been very much open, about the fact that he wants to go team after the upcoming CrossFit Games. This doesn’t sound...

The smart athlete.

So, we are in the middle of the 2014 CrossFit Games open. It is truly an important phase for all of us CrossFitters. Why? Because is the earliest stage of our biggest event: The CrossFit games. Athletes from the 4 corners of the globe wait eagerly all year in order to be able to throw...


One of the coolest things, if not the coolest thing about CrossFit is its vibrant, very much alive and pulsating community. In the case of me and my fiancee, the affiliates that we attend to are a good 40 mins away from our place. Why do we drive through traffic and sometimes horrible weather to...


That word has so much meaning attached to it. The guys no one has paid any mind to, those that fly always under the radar, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Those overlooked by the upper echelons of their respective sport maybe? A lot of people would say that all of those apply to...

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