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Behind the Scenes Look from the 2014 Games

Rich is still the man.  Camille made the podium… in a big way. And I had the pleasure of seeing it all, as many of you did.  However, I had a different vantage point than many people this year.  I am a chiropractor and I had the fortune of being invited to treat the athletes at...

5 Muscles to Stretch, Part II. Your Sleeping Position Could be to Blame

This is more of a public service announcement than a CrossFit article, I guess.  In my last article, 5 Muscles to Stretch to Improve Your Lifts, I discussed how stretching the calves, quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and pecs can improve lifts such as overhead squat, clean, snatch and deadlift.  This article it simply to …
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5 Muscles to Stretch to Help Your Lifts

We all work on strength, speed, power, and endurance to improve our CrossFit abilities.  We hit new PR’s on our lifts, WOD’s seem to be a little easier, and we Rx more often.  It’s so much fun! But are we doing all that we can to improve our abilities?  To be truly well rounded, shouldn’t we...

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