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So you are opening a box?

Congrats! Just like 95% of all the other Level 1 trainers, you aspire to open your own show, but you are different because you are doing it! It is really no surprise, seems like everyone is. Well, to the tune of roughly 10,000 everyones anyways. I have been included in the coaching and operational staff...

Teams in the Open?

Further changes to the team format of the CrossFit Games series are bound to occur. We have already seen an adjustment this year that removes the scores of those competitors that choose individual positions from the team totals for the next highest score ( …

My Average Wife

My wife tells me regularly that she is “just average”, this bothers me. There is nothing about her, or anyone who CrossFits that is average. The average person does not push themselves to points of exhaustion, they do not smile in the face of misery, and if they are exposed to this circumstance, they …

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