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Kinesiotaping and Performance

You’ve definitely seen it on athletes during the London 2010 Olympics, and most recently in the World Cup in 2014. Now it is cropping up on the skin of athletes in all major league sports. What am I talking about? Kinesio Tape (Note, there are many brands such as SpiderTech and RockTape. For all further...

Exercise and Knowing your Vital Numbers

While many of us know that exercise is a great way to shed the pounds and add that desirable lean mass, exercise is also important and our health and fitness levels are reflected when get our blood levels checked. It is important to know your values because they are a baseline for your health. Sure,...

Posture and Pain in Children

For the most part, parents are in tune with their children. When they fall, they pick them up, bandage a cut knee and kiss bruises better. But when their child complains that ‘my back is sore’, it is often overlooked or disregarded. In our practice, we have parents who come in with their kids and...


Stretching During Warm-Up Before Competition: Beneficial or Detrimental? Do we really need to stretch out our muscles before a workout or competition, or are we better off just leaving things alone? Well, that depends. There are two sides to every opinion and every opinion can have many answers. So, let’s breakdown some …

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