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Kinesiotaping and Performance

You’ve definitely seen it on athletes during the London 2010 Olympics, and most recently in the World Cup in 2014. Now it is cropping up on the skin of athletes in all major league sports. What am I talking about? Kinesio Tape (Note, there are many brands such as SpiderTech and RockTape. For all further...

Exercise and Knowing your Vital Numbers

While many of us know that exercise is a great way to shed the pounds and add that desirable lean mass, exercise is also important and our health and fitness levels are reflected when get our blood levels checked. It is important to know your values because they are a baseline for your health. Sure,...

Posture and Pain in Children

For the most part, parents are in tune with their children. When they fall, they pick them up, bandage a cut knee and kiss bruises better. But when their child complains that ‘my back is sore’, it is often overlooked or disregarded. In our practice, we have parents who come in with their kids and...


Stretching During Warm-Up Before Competition: Beneficial or Detrimental? Do we really need to stretch out our muscles before a workout or competition, or are we better off just leaving things alone? Well, that depends. There are two sides to every opinion and every opinion can have many answers. So, let’s breakdown some …

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championsclub published the post Focusing on your P.A.C.E. on Tabata Times
Pace: (pās) n. 1. The rate of speed at which a person, animal, or group walks or runs. 2. The...
Luke Denney published the post Be the Whiteboard on
You do it. Your friends do it. i do it......we all do it. No one is safe from the hypnotic pull of...
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week11 day4

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week11 day4

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WOD- Thursday, Aug 14 SKILL OF THE MONTH: HANDSTAND PUSH UPS – Come early, stay late, open gym. Do the homework to become closer to HSPU. Week 8/11-8/17/14: 1. HS hold against wall, 2×30 sec 2. Handstand scapula push-ups 2x10reps 3. Negative HSPU to …

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"The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering." -Benjamin Spock #ortheopposite #rolemodel

Molly Eledge published the post Breakfast Egg Pizza on Nutrition WOD
This is really not like pizza in any way, except for the fact that its round and flat. So...
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23 people tonight!!! You guys are amazing! Thanks for working together so well! Great teamwork :-)

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Thursday 8/14/14 Come in make up a WOD. Work on a skill. Pic from 12:00 class 8/13/14!!!

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A big happy birthday to coach Ruben. He is one of HomeGrown CrossFit's newest coaches but has made a tremendous impact. His drive and passion for fitness shows in his coaching and we are happy to have him as part of the family. Happy birthday Ruben!

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Tonight's 4:30 and 5:30 Endurance classes showing those shoulder to overheads who's boss! (Robyn is showing the FS who's boss) :) Great job tonight both classes!!!! I miiight have had a little fun with the frames today. ;) Ya CFLG!

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4:30pm class Jackie getting those power cleans done.

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Take your fitness outside. The endurance peeps did a 80 mile bike ride this past weekend in Napa. Lots of hills, a great training ride.

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T-Shirt Contest Voting!

bgerke published the post How CrossFit Saved My Marriage* on
*this might be a slight exaggeration. One of my dear friends likes to remind me how, not that...
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paleobutter published the post Grilled Veggies w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette on
Please excuse the fact that this photograph contains cheese (and that it' s mozzarella, no less)!!...
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Good Morning! Ever have one of those days where you have to reach back into the eighties to find a clean pair of shorts? #tjsgyms #willdid #wifehasntchuckedthose?

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stephring published the post Maximizing Power for Runners and Lifters: Maintaining and Increasing Flexibility in the Hip Flexors on
When we talk about the role of the hip flexors in squatting technique and running power, we can...
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Congratulations to all you guys, and gals who toughed it out for those 30 Days! You hard work is officially over! Tomorrow at 12 pm the top three teams will be announced, and the celebrations can begin!

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liftlaugheatrepeat published the post Bulletproof Chai... Modern Day Take on Yak Butter Tea on
While I absolutely LOVE properly sourced, organic, fair trade coffee (especially when it's cold...
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Fran – A Dish Best Served Twice

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We are having a bit of trouble accessing the blog…so the WOD is going to be on Facebook. Thank you for all of your support - Will is going into surgery soon and we hope to be back in Oakdale tomorrow. Sorry for the technical difficulties! Workout of the Day Strength/Skill Shoulder Press Build to a heavy single. Be smart about jumps when the weight starts to get heavy. Have a plan. "Milo" 3 Power Clean OTM for 10 Add 5# to last week. If you followed my typo and added 10# last week, you may stay the same or make a jump - your call. Conditioning Pushups 100 for men, 75 for ladies Any time you break, perform a shuttle sprint. This will be to specific lines at CFO.

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A great turnout at the 5:30 p.m. Class! 16 people doing hollow rocks.

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Cleaning house. Squat Rack and Bench Press. Selling for free. #tjsgyms

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Today's workout! It's not too hot today so I hope to see a lot of people at the 4:30 and 5:30 class!

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Our new CrossFit Kids schedule starts today at 4pm! Bring your kids and squeeze in a quick wod at SRB whilst they play! More info can be found at

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Among many things, Robin Williams was an enthusiastic and generous supporter of St. Jude Hospital. Perhaps you will honor his memory and his work by donating today via Juggling for Jude.

ashleyjmak published the post Hanging Mechanics on
Hold on and Don’t Let Go! Hanging on a pullup bar, what grip should I use?  The purpose is to...
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It's Tuesday! Barbell at 5:30 pm, Regular CrossFit classes at 4:45 and 6:30! See you all tonight!

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From Dr. Allison: "I wrote this article the day before Robin Williams died. My article was/is meant as a reminder to address our psychological functioning, no matter our goals. Suicidal depression is at one end of a spectrum upon which we all lie. Take a look inward, and be sure to get help if/when you need it. Most of us do at some point. Even for those of you focused on your physical goals, I argue that our psychology is a critical component to whatever we do!"

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Today's blog post is up on the CFES Blog - [Introducing Michelle See]

Kristy Parrish published the post Programming Analysis, Part 3: Workout Selection & Frequency on
Editor's Note: " Programming Analysis: Part 3" was originally posted to the Beyond the...
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Prehab/activation: SMR - partner internal rotation smash 2x10 banded external rotation -then- 7x3 pausing bench press @ 80-85% 1RM (3-4 count pause) -or- Beginners: Work to a heavy set of 3 in pausing bench press -then- AMRAP in 15 minutes: 150m sled drag (176/132) 50 double unders 5 bar muscle-ups (mod: 10 C2B pull-ups)

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Training 140812 Strength CF 2 - Power Clean + Jerk: 70%x(1+2)x2, 75%x(1+2)x2, 80%x(1+2,) 82.5%x(1+2) CF 1 - Hang clean work at coach's discretion Conditioning - EMOM 10, alternating: a) 5 Deadlifts, 275#/165# + 5 Bar Facing Burpees b) Run 100m Post results to comments.

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Everyone take note... :-)

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WOD >> WOD 2014-08-12 21-15-9 reps for time: deadlift, 225/155 lbs overhead squat, 135/95 lbs *12 minute cap *Competition style

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday August 12th, 2014

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Attention Tie Dye Nation! We're looking for a two person team (m/f) to represent CFA at Fitness With The Cats on August 30th! If you've never competed in an RX comp, and want to don your tie dye, hit a WOD, and enjoy the game after, just reply below and we'll get you signed up.

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Workout of the Day for Tuesday August 12th, 2014

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We've been watching Lauren Fisher since she showed up at NorCal Regionals and snatched a 70# DB like is was a 30. She's put on some great looking lean mass. How'd she do it? Here you go. What do you think?

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Tuesday Class Schedule ~ > 5:30am Endurance WOD w/Debbi > 8am Barbell Club w/Devon > 9am Endurance WOD w/Devon > 4:30pm Endurance WOD w/Devon > 5:30pm Barbell Club w/Devon > 6:30pm Endurance WOD w/Devon Daycare Hours: 8am-10am & 5:30pm-7:30pm

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Come on down tomorrow, Tuesday @ 430pm for a meet and greet with some of the Fittest people in the World of CrossFit. Help your local team, the San Francisco Fire of the newly formed NPGL (National Players Grid League), raid awareness and support as their first match approaches August 28 in Berkeley's Haas Pavillion.! See you at CSA to meet some true legends in our sport.

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Skill: MAX distance handstand walk WOD: 21-15-9 push press 115/85 ring dips

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