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Kind of Science: Part Two

Living with PEDs Shuffled back to Dr. Whatshisname for the results, got my print outs and here’s the scoop! Magnesium, zinc, iron, red cells, white cells, blood sugar, all good! Vitamin D on the other hand, MARGINALLY DEFICIENT! Yeah, I was kind of hoping it was deficient. Because everyone wants some deficiency! Or …

Kind of Science: Part One

The Avocado Prelude. Six months ago I left a job in a flash office building. It was a modest twenty eight floors with about fifteen hundred people, a relaxation floor, two floors of snazzy meeting rooms and the greatest corporate locker room ever (daily fresh towels, roomy lockers, and free hybrid soap shampoo). Every …

How To Arrive At The Box

Being regularly encouraged, by owners, coaches, and members to move to other CrossFit boxes has afforded me many opportunities to perfect what I now consider to be the most important WOD, my arrival. By arriving correctly, I know, that I will impress people SO MUCH that actually completing the workout will be unnecessary …

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