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Calf Implants

By some bizarre twist of fate, an issue of Men’s Health Magazine was sent to my door a few weeks ago. As I picked it up and began to read, I was unpleasantly surprised by it’s content- or lack thereof. The magazine was basically formatted in the same way as Cosmo or Elle. There were...

I’m not building my body for you

I’m not sure at what point my perspective changed and I stopped giving a shit about what other people thought of my body. There were times in my past when a compliment or a negative comment about my body could make or break my day. Frankly, I could give two flying fucks anymore. I don’t...

Concussion and the Crossfitter

A few weeks ago I took part in a competition where one of my fellow box mates suffered a concussion after she fell off the pull up bar while doing toes to bar. When athletes think of sports concussion, it is usually in reference to hockey, football, or soccer. My friend’s injury proved that we...

Female Body Satisfaction

One aspect of psychology I have begun to do work in is feminine body satisfaction. Current research discusses that the way a woman feels about her body can influence her overall happiness, sex life, self-esteem, and many other facets of her life. This makes sense. If you don’t feel great about your body, it’s …

Fuck you shitty mantras

I’m not sure when you start hearing these messages: You aren’t good enough. You aren’t worth it. Maybe it is when you are young and you get that first look of disapproval from your parents. It could be the first time you got a grade in school that wasn’t an A+. That first time someone...

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