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6 Must-Have Shoes for Men

Usually, men do not pay much attention towards selecting the correct pair of shoes. No matter how good and attractive your outfit is, a wrong pair of shoes can spoil the show. While shopping for shoes, the importance of it in creating your image is one of the most important things that a man should […]

When to Gift Your Child a New Pair of Shoes

As a parent, you may often think whether your child needs a new pair of shoes or not. This is one of the most frequently asked questions among the parents as no one wants to compromise at all when it comes to their child. Before finding an answer to this question, it is very important […]

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Squat What Ya Got #cfinvoke #ohs #cfiathlete #cfibootycamp #relentlesslife #reebokcrossfit #crossfit #liftheavy

Raleigh CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit LKN posted on Facebook

We wanted to remind you that you are welcome to bring a friend or family member to join you for a Saturday morning group class! Our coaches will be able to assist anyone that needs modifications. All are welcome!

CrossFit Durham posted on Facebook

Dave is coaching the 6:30 and 7:30 WODs tonight and rumor has it there will be prizes up for grabs

CrossFit RDU posted on Facebook

Hey guys, sorry for the late notice but gymnastics class tonight is canceled. Normal class time next week.

Oak City CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

The Firestarter Challenge is a local competition geared toward the novice and intermediate CrossFitter being held at Triangle CrossFit June 21-22. Individuals compete on Saturday and teams (4-person - 2M/2F) compete on Sunday. Registration is open now, but don't wait to sign up if you're interested in competing because local competitions are filling up fast!

Kristy Parrish published the post Got a Jeans Problem? Enter Barbell Apparel on Tabata Times
How many of you reading this have ever searched for a pair of jeans, only to find that your thighs...
CrossFit Durham shared an image on Facebook

As many of you know, CFDer Shane Jones has been on an adventure to climb Mt. Everest. Unfortunately, due to the recent accident there, the climbing season has been called to a halt and Shane will be coming home. Congratulations to Shane and his team for even attempting this great feat! Get home safe!

CrossFit Harrisburg posted on Facebook

Registration info for anyone competing in the June 28th meet in Wilmington. Sign up early!

CrossFit 77 posted an article
CrossFit 77 posted an article
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Thursday, 4/24/14

21 CrossFit posted an article
truebarbellion published the post The CrossFit Talon Easter Throwdown - Awesome. on
I left Talon’s Easter Throwdown not long after my final WOD. I was sore, tired, sweaty and...
CrossFit Harrisburg shared a link on Facebook

USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coaching course hosted by the Harrisburg Weightlifting Club on May 24-25. You can now obtain the latest education and newest title before having to coach 2 lifters to National events. Once you have obtained this certification, you then automatically get promoted to National level coach once you have your 2 athletes to National events. Registration ends 5/19, but it is also capped at 30 people, so register early before it sells out! This will be taught by renowned coach Harvey Newton, former Executive Director of USA Weightlifting and multiple Olympic, International, and National team coach. The ONLY prerequisite to register for this course is having obtained the level 1 Sports Performance Coach certification. Contact us for more details, or click the link below to register.

CrossFit Harrisburg shared a link on Facebook

Summer Camp/Class info! Registration for camps ends June 1, and classes will be capped at 12 participants. Reserve your spots online now, before they sell out.

CrossFit Dilworth shared an image on Facebook

Happy Hump Day! As you all know, this Saturday is our Balls4Balls fundraiser event. If you haven't already signed up online, you have until Friday to do that and donate some $$$ to a great cause- testicular cancer! We are releasing the WOD today, it is a fun partner WOD that everyone of all levels can do and participate in, so invite your friends and family! FOR TIME: 100 WallBalls (20/14) 100 Partner Sit-ups 100 Burpees w/ the WB (alternating - pass to your partner) 400m Run w/ the WB (pass to your partner) *20 Min Cap*

savfmarie published the post Finding Your Fit: Jeans for Crossfit Girls on
Strength and fitness do not equate to thin and slender. Certain physical regimes build up muscles...
Neil Jones published the post Diet Starts on Monday on
I smoked for 16 years. From 11-27 years old, I smoked tens of thousands of cigarettes (I've done...
CrossFit Durham shared a link on Facebook

Here's a great event to check out this weekend or donate to the cause!

CrossFit Indian Trail posted on Facebook

OK Gang our spot for the Hero WOD @ CrossFit Harrisburg is at 2:00 on May 17th. The flyer is posted on the page. We NEED 20 Athletes to go and participate. Who is in? Please add your name for me. This is for a great cause and is lots of fun. Dinner afterward is even better! :) Thanks ~ Jess

rakeshpatelcfwy published the post A Beginners Guide to Making the Most of CrossFit Classes on
Welcome folks. This post is aimed at people who have recently started exercising in CrossFit...
CrossFit 919 posted on Facebook

It will be 65 degrees and sunny around 6:30 PM this evening. So yes, Endurance WOD. And yes, we will be outside.

vstrong published the post Eating and exercising for the body you want on
I have been reading a lot of posting of people trying, but not getting there or simply tired of...
CrossFit Durham shared an image on Facebook

Shout out to CFDers, Shikha Sachdeva and Greg Wehn, for taking home 2nd place Women's Intermediate Division and 13th place Men's Intermediate Division respectively, in this past weekend's Festivus Games at Morrisville Community CrossFit!

CrossFit Harrisburg posted on Facebook

Ordering supplements. Let Dan know what you need. Protein, fish oils, glutamine, creatine, ZMA, glucosamine, etc... Check out some of the new drinks i the cooler. The FIT AID is a very clean recovery drink. For you caffeine junkies, the BANG is HIGHLY caffeinated. You have been warned.

CrossFit RDU posted on Facebook

Happy Wednesday! Reminder there will be gymnastics class tonight at 7 PM and we are going back to the basics for beginner and intermediate athletes. We will be focusing on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges. This class is a great addition to our normal programming and can really help build confidence in body awareness.

CrossFit 919 shared a link on Facebook

Of all the "athletic jeans" kick starter campaigns out now, this one looks the best to us. Thanks for sharing, Adam and Hannah!

CrossFit Durham posted on Facebook

Wishing Coach Elise a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ESC CrossFit Southend shared a link on Facebook

Watch this MobilityWOD before attending tonight's class!

Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
Oak City CrossFit posted an article
Joel Toledano published the post Meet Shane Farmer: The Rowmaster Talks Training, Coaching and Competing on
We recently sat down with Shane Farmer in Big Sur, California at the inov-8 athlete retreat. Shane...
CrossFit 77 posted an article
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CrossFit RDU posted an article
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Wednesday's WOD

CrossFit Dilworth posted on Facebook

CFE 4.23.14: 20 rounds for distance: 30 seconds ME row 30 seconds rest Rest three mins Cash out: 60 seconds of GHD sit-ups or V-ups

CrossFit Revamped posted on Facebook

Great work all around today guys!! We did a little bit of everything. Conditioning, strength, and a smoker of a metcon. It was amazing how many people hit PR's today with a 3 second hold in the bottom, way to go everyone. We will continue to work on some interval conditioning training tomorrow. Warm-up/Conditioning With a partner... EMOM for 6 min. Odd- 10 Burpees Even- (15/12) calorie row With a partner.... EMOM for 6 min. Odd- 15 Wall Ball Shots Even- 10 KB Swings (70/53) WOD With 9 minutes on the clock: Complete 2 Rounds of: 9 KB/DB Snatches (53/35) 15 Pull-ups 21 Box jumps (24/20) With the remaining time complete as many Deadlifts as possible @ (275/185) *Every 5 deadlifts you complete, you must do 3 bar facing burpees. Keep up the good work on the Push-ups Finisher!

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CrossFit 919 posted an article
CrossFit Dilworth posted an article
Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit Durham posted an article
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4/23/14 “The Animal”

CrossFit WhiteMarsh posted an article
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Coming to Miller Park this homestand? Be sure to check out The #ThornBurger AJ Bombers. Milwaukee Brewers MORE: #Brewers

CrossFit 77 posted on Facebook

Weightlifting will be on Friday at 6:00pm instead of Thursday night this week!

Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
Ultimate CrossFit posted an article
CrossFit BWI posted an article
CrossFit Harrisburg posted on Facebook

Sign up for Barton Hero WOD on website. May 17th, 2014 Wednesday Metcon (Time) 15-12-9-6-3 Deadlift (315/225) PHSPU Be SMART on the deadlift. You need your back for the rest of your life. If you cant keep a straight/tight back, its too heavy. SCALE it. Metcon (Time) 50 Toes to bar 50 Abmat situps 50 GHD

CrossFit Dilworth shared a link on Facebook

Great article! Thanks KBB!

bencrookston published the post 4 Tips to Push Press More Weight on
The push press is an incredible training tool for increasing upper body power and a large...

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