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10 Completely Invalid Excuses to be on the Leaderboard

1) “I started the WOD at RX, but those cleans got heavy on the round of 15 so I dropped to 95 for the round of 9. But I did all the handstand push-ups! That counts, right?” 2) “I wasn’t counting my reps per say, but I was hanging with Tom the whole WOD, so...

4 Things Athletes Do That Drive Coaches Nuts

1) Talking/spacing out during whiteboard time Talking to your buddy about how you totally PR’d your front squat yesterday can wait until after the coaches are finished explaining the WOD. Not only does it distract newer members from listening to information they need, but it distracts the coaches as well. Sometimes …

7 Tips Every Young CrossFit Coach Should Know

Coaching comes naturally to some, and not so naturally to others. Some people are born “the Coach’s Eye,” and some need to work to develop it. If you’re in the 18-23 year old demographic, fresh off your Level One Certification course, and just starting out as a coach, chances are you’re going …

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