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Mental and Movement Efficiency Tips to Crush 14.1

Let the games begin! At long last the CrossFit Open is upon us once again, and the first global workout of the year is a flashback to 2011’s Open; a 10-minute AMRAP of 30 double unders and 15 power snatches/ground-to-overhead-clean-and-jerks-are-okay-too-anyhow things. This workout is designed to shine a spotlight on …

CrossFit and the Strength Coach: Finding the Balance

I used to be THAT guy. I was the fitness a-hole trainer who once roamed around the gym warning everyone who would listen of the fast-approaching “functional movement” apocalypse like the dirty bearded guy in a robe on the street shouting that the end is near. I brought up rhabdo and injuries and high rep...

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