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5 Probable Reasons Why Your Diet Went Off The Rails

Everything is awesome when you’re eating dried apple wedges and celery sticks but not when tragedy strikes and your diet flies off the rails and you indulge in your guilty pleasures: glazed donuts dipped in diet cola. What went wrong? And how do you get back on track? 1. It’s your body, not the diet...

Men Aren’t Like Women, Their Diets Aren’t Alike Either

You’ve heard the nutritional recommendation since your earliest health class right up to the USDA recommendation: men should eat up to 2,500 calories per day, while women should eat up to 2,000 calories per day. But that number can seem pretty arbitrary. Well, I’m here to tell you it isn’t. In fact, it is due...

Mouth Watering Ways To Crave Your Veggies

I have always said that I would be the healthiest man in the world if only I craved vegetables the same way I crave cheeseburgers. Unfortunately the universe is not that kind; I will never want a bunch of broccoli in the way I would want a bag of wavy potato chips. Anyone who says...

The Midnight Snack Debate: When Should You Be Eating?

When I was growing up my grandmother used to live by three rules: Margarine wasn’t allowed in her house You never touched the TV when she was watching Matlock or MASH All meals went heavy in the morning, heavier in the afternoon, light in the evening, no snacking before bed. Now, I got my knuckles...

4 Reasons You Eat Your Emotions And How To Stop

Emotional eating is not an uncommon habit. Millions of people struggle with it, and they face consequences such as obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease as a result. Not to mention the vicious cycle of stress and depression that comes along with it, as they battle the guilt induced with every unnecessary mouthful …

Can’t Eat Healthy On a Budget? With These 8 Hacks You Can!

The “price of healthy food” debate has been raging for awhile. There is a common belief that you can’t eat good food when you don’t have the money to go all-natural, grass-fed and organic. This leads to many people throwing up their hands and making unhealthy choices. It is true that a $5 pizza seems...

3 Breathing Tips For Improving Your Run

Running is by no means an easy exercise. If you are unprepared for how to breathe properly throughout your run, it will add unnecessary strain to your workout. If you’re a beginner when it comes to running, you likely tire quickly and find yourself taking deep, gasping breaths soon into your exercise. These three …

Step Up Your Conditioning by Training on Hills

Every dedicated or competitive runner looks for ways to improve their speed and endurance. One of the simplest ways of improving both is to incorporate hill sprints. Runners often forego hill training because, to many, it seems rather difficult. You will find, though, that hill training offers undeniable benefits that make …

Best Treadmills for Tabata Training in 2017

In the past, workouts on the treadmill took 30 to 40 minutes — a big chunk of time for busy people with jobs, families and other responsibilities when you consider your commute to the gym and the shower you’ll need afterwards. However, Tabata training, a new type of workout, has revolutionized the workout …

Runner’s Trots: The Hazards of Having Fun During A Marathon

With five miles to go and well ahead of the next competitor, Paula Radcliffe famously dropped her shorts and popped a squat on the side of the route of the London Marathon, and answered nature’s call. This is a testament to the fact runner’s trots can strike anybody, on any run, anytime, especially during a...

Rigorous Triathlon Training When You’re Stuck Indoors for the Winter

Triathlon training indoors has its perks – you can hone your techniques, improve performance, and remain consistent with your workouts. Since it’s not always obvious what you should do to reap these benefits, here’s what I like to do when I rigorously train for a triathlon. Use Poolside Tools An indoor pool offers a …

Calisthenics vs Kettlebells: Benefits and Hang-ups

You have plenty of workout options from which to choose, and trying to figure out what type is best confuses many people. If your goal is to build muscle, strength and endurance, you might already have settled on either calisthenics or kettlebells as your workout of choice. Take a look at the following comparisons and...

CrossFit Comebacks for All the Haters Out There

Hey CrossFit haters! Why so much animosity for something that makes people happy and healthy? Maybe you’ve never gotten into CrossFit, but you probably feel like you know everything about it from the incessant talking done by your CrossFit junkie friends. But you can’t blame them for their excitement after …

Bad Fitness Trends To Avoid In 2016

The new year has come and passed and maybe so have your New Year’s fitness resolutions, but it’s never too late to jump back on the wagon. Just be careful that when you jump that it’s not on the bandwagon of bad fitness ideas that so many will dive into this year. Some of this...

Treatments For The Day After Your Grueling Marathon

The day after a marathon can be a nightmare. Your body aches, you’re exhausted, and you could be questioning why you do it to yourself. While this day ends, like every other day, there are ways you can make it much easier. The following are some of the best ways to treat the marathon hangover....
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