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Time to Get Yer Burpee on!

The Third Annual Royal Burpee Challenge Starts Saturday! Think you’re tough? Are you 6,903 burpees in 117 days tough? CrossFit Advanced in Easton, Pa. is hosting the third annual Royal Burpee challenge to celebrate the Easton man who gave the exercise his name: Royal Huddleston Burpee. This year the challenge begins …

So You’re In a CrossFit Competition? Be Kind to Your Judge!

By Meg Green I’ll never forget my first CrossFit Competition. It was Test Your Metal in 2011 at the Lehigh Valley Sportsfest in Allentown, Pa. It’s natural to be nervous at a competition, and I was. There’s a huge difference between tackling a WOD when no one is watching versus performing not only with an...

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