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Change, good or bad?

We don’t like change. It is implanted in our beings. If we have to go do something different, we shy away from it or worse yet, we speak out against it. We feel empowered when we voice our opinions and we do it everywhere. It is especially powerful because of social media and the power...

Brace yourself

Do you ever wonder why you drag yourself to your specific training facility or just get up from the couch and get your home equipment to train? Some days it really just feels like too much (especially in winter) and the questions and doubts start in your mind. Do you play along and just skip...

What motivates you?

What drives you to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go do your workout? What helps you to take the left turn to the gym and not the right turn towards home after work every day? What is the burning desire deep inside you to reach your goal, to achieve that personal best,...

I’m sick, now what?

We are all a little bit like a junky. Fitness is an addiction, just a very good one. So when the dreaded sniffles and coughs begin, we seriously want to just cry. Cry because of all the hard work that has to immediately stop because of a cough. Cry because we cannot raise the heart...

Skills practice is work

We have entered the fitness era where lines are blurred when it comes to training. We live in the hype moment of metabolic conditioning and high intensity training and we feel like we need to push the body all the time. I have done a lot of reading lately and although I don’t train a...

When your body speaks, listen!

I really have mixed feelings today and these mixed feelings made me think a little. You see, I went to gym and my workout was supposed to be deadlifts. Nice heavy ones for 5 reps and a couple of sets. Easy on paper, well yeah. Warm up went ok. Did kettlebell swings for 10 minutes...

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